Letters From Home – Part 3

Message: Part 3

Scripture Text: Song of Solomon 8:6-7

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2. It’s thrilling to find a hand-written envelope with a letter from home amid the bills and junkmail in the mailbox.

a. I haven’t known too many letter writers, so honestly it’s rare to receive one in my mailbox.

b. My most cherished “letters from home” are from Lynn. They aren’t letters but greeting cards given to me on all sorts of occasions and I’ve saved pretty much every single one she’s given me.

 They are in my top dresser drawer and I was looking through them again as we prepare to move this week.

 She has a gift for choosing a great card, then handwriting a note which penetrates my heart every time.

c. Looking through those cards is like tracing a timeline of our

23 year marriage: there have been wonderful times but also times of testing and trial when we were really fighting for our love to overcome sinfulness, disappointment and discouragement.

3. In the Old Testament book Song of Solomon we see a woman fighting for her man by writing him a poetic love song.

a. This is the last book in the 3rd major section of the Old Testament: the poetry books,

sometimes called ‘wisdom” books

 Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon are all essentially love songs, though sometimes they are about fighting for love in the struggles of life.

Read the back of your love letter for a fuller description of this section.


b. The Song of Solomon is a two-person poem describing the romantic love between King Solomon and his young bride.

 It’s easily every teenage boys’ favorite book of the Bible. It gets a little erotic. You’ll never think of pomegranates the same way!

 There have been times when people tried to kick this book out of the Bible for being too sexy, but it’s a good thing it’s endured.

 On the one hand, it legitimizes sex as a gift from God to people united in the covenant of marriage. And also, it describes God’s passionate love for His people.

c. 8:6-7 is toward the end, and it’s the words of the woman speaking to Solomon, her

lover and bridegroom.

d. Her intensity flashes from her words. Strong means a violent power. Fierce means stiffened, severe. They’re fighting words.

 In this book, Solomon comes off as doting and devoted to her and her only. But history tells another tale.

1. He went on to have 700 wives and 300 concubines throughout his life. A real Casanova.

 It makes you wonder if she

senses his wandering heart, and makes a bold, passionate plea for a love from him that will be for her only.

1. Reread verse above


4. If this interpretation of this verse is accurate, it’s easily transferrable to the relationship between God and me & you.

a. God is fighting for you, knowing you have a wandering heart.

 Read Isaiah 41:10, Luke 15:4-6.

 All the time God is seeking you, defending you, working in your life to reveal his presence.

 The cross of Jesus is the ultimate symbol of how much God is willing to sacrifice to rescue and redeem you.

b. When I was in Florida there were times when I saw a married couple suddenly start showing up to church after only occasionally attending. They would sit together with sad, almost desperate looks on their faces, holding hands with a death grip.

 It got to where I could recognize it right away. Something had happened; their marriage was in trouble; they were in church to try to save it.

 Sometimes they did, and I could see the joy and love return as they sat in the pew together. Sometimes they didn’t, and after awhile only one of them was still sitting there.

c. I immediately pray that what worked for Lynn and I would happen for them- they would stop fighting against each other, and stop fighting for their marriage as a thing in itself, but would start fighting with each other, side by side.

5. That’s what I believe God if fighting to accomplish in you if you’re a seasoned Believer or Christian-to-be.

a. If you’re fighting against God, obviously, that’s a problem.

 But fighting God doesn’t push Him away. He fights harder, works in your life to remove all the things you hide behind, expose the weakness of all the loves you choose instead.

 Stop fighting and see what he does with your willing and open heart.


b. If you’re trying to fight for God, you need to stop that too. God doesn’t need righteous, religious people defending Him or what they think He wants. He can take care of Himself and the whole world.

 He wants nothing more than a loving relationship with each of us that overflows into the world.

c. So if you are going to fight, fight with God.

 Be relentless in pursuing to the utmost what He is trying to do within you.

 Be passionate and fully committed to what He is trying to do through you and other believers in bringing his love and justice to families, neighborhoods, workplaces, communities and societies.

d. Keep fighting with God and don’t stop until it will one day be finally over.

6. Prayer


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