A Favorite Christmas Memory

WOW!!  Last week was a real treat to experience Christmas music from around the world with Judy and the Bell Choir! Christmas music played with bells was a sure way to lift the holiday spirit-o-meter! This reminded me of a Christmas a few years ago, when my family and I celebrated on the Caribbean Island of Turks and Caicos.  When we arrived at our hotel, we were told there would be no dinner service the day after Christmas and that all guests are encouraged to participate in “Boxing Day,” a holiday in Commonwealth countries like Turks and Caicos. Of course, having not heard of such an event, we set out to ask the locals what Boxing Day was all about.  As one local explained, it is a tradition for the island people to box up old items that were replaced with new ones from Christmas day and then give those items to the needy.

To celebrate a day of giving, islanders hold a Maskanoo, an annual event in Turks and Caicos.  A Maskanoo is a masquerade tradition that fuses traditional food, drink and souvenirs from local arts, and where islanders and visitors can enjoy a street parade and local music.  Of course, we participated with the locals and other visitors of the island. Enjoying Christmas with the traditions of another culture made this Christmas memory one of my favorites!!

As another Christmas approaches, I’m reminded to have a compassionate heart and to regularly share with people who have much less.

Timothy 6:18 New International Version (NIV).  Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.

Christmas Blessings,

Connor Harris


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    Sam Hunter says

    Thanks Conner! We appreciate your key role at the church.

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    Charles D. Branch says

    Thank you, Conner! You dredged up my memories of those holidays when I was 30 and solo traveling/exploring in New Zealand. A Maori patriarch stopped and picked me up on his way home to Gisborne and Napier, the boot of the Jaguar filled with fruit and other groceries for their family gathering. No matter where I went that season, walking through town, I’d hear Dire Straits’ “Walk of Life”. Christmas Day at a motor camp, I was invited to join a couple families as their kids embarked on a treasure hunt through the camp to find the notes leading them to their gifts. In the meantime, the adults shared sherry and Christmas fruitcake. I’ve since ignored all the jokes about fruitcake… Warm and toasty feelings all ’round! And for every holiday season, wherever you may be…

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