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Oh hello there! I didn’t see you! My name is Derek Sumey. I’m so thrilled to tell you that I will be assisting Lou with children and middle school youth ministries for the fall! I have been involved in youth ministry before. Last summer I was an intern for Congregational Presbyterian Church’s youth program in Lewiston. I have a real heart for youth ministry and I’m excited to get started on this new opportunity!

Well Steve told me to write about a significant event in my life, so here you go. My interest in youth ministry started with a conversation I had with a teen over two years ago. The conversation took place in Cochabamba Bolivia at the orphanage Ninos con valor. My Spanish was very limited and what I could speak was very broken. I was sitting with a 13 year old girl at lunchtime. She asked me a-lot of questions about where I came from, and patiently listened to me answer her questions very incoherently. I believe this was our next to last day with the kids at this orphanage and it is my strongest memory from that trip. When I started College in Lewiston I had the opportunity to work with kids in a local youth group. My experience with those kids was the same as my experience with the girl in Bolivia. Teens are awesome! They have a sense of adventure and humor that’s all their own. They also have a passion that can be lost in the adult years. That’s why I’m excited for this job, when teens are passionate about God they can be powerful ambassadors for Christ.

If I’m not at school or work, you can probably catch me watching Netflix, playing guitar or ukulele or just walking around Downtown!



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    Karen Huber says

    Congratulations on your new position! I can’t think of a better mentor for our youth!

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    Kitty says

    You’ve done it again, spoken from your heart in a way that every person at First Pres will understand how lucky we are to have you with us. Whether you’re writing your own introduction or strumming you guitar up on the stage every Sunday morning, you personify what we’re hoping to be all about – LOVE1st. You will be wonderful in this position while you finish your classes at U of I.

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