About Our Summer Fellow Sami

Hello! My name is Sami Cone (pictured right) and I am one of the Summer Fellows from Whitworth University. I will be working with the Youth Ministry and helping to lead Vacation Bible School and the Sunday School program. Already I have met many of you at last Sunday’s service and the Blessings of the Bikes event, and I hope to get to know as much of the congregation as I can during these next 10 weeks. Some things to know about me is that I will be a Sophomore at Whitworth this fall, and I am studying Secondary Education and Spanish. After I graduate, I hope to volunteer with the Peace Corps in Latin America for two years and then return to the Pacific NW to teach Spanish to either middle or high school students. Other activities I enjoy are hiking, singing, playing my ukulele, watching movies (especially Disney movies), and reading classic novels.

I was born and raised in Newberg, Oregon, the hometown of George Fox University; it is 45 minutes south of Portland and an hour and a half drive from the Oregon Coast. During the summer, my parents, grandparents and I would camp near the beach- these were some of my best childhood memories. My family consists of my parents Ken and Juli Cone. My mother is a retired Kindergarten teacher and my father works as an IT consultant for the Newberg School District. I come from a long line of Christians, my parents and I have attended a Quaker church since I was a baby. Recently I have been going to the 1st Presbyterian Church in Spokane and I have loved learning about the differences between the traditions. I feel fortunate to spend my summer learning more about the Presbyterian tradition and the perks of this church.

I am so excited to spend my summer here in Coeur d’Alene, this is my first time being in the town and it is gorgeous! The people have been very kind and welcoming since my arrival. My goal this summer is to hike as often as I can, swim in the many lakes in Coeur d’Alene and Post Falls, and try my best to keep in shape, which will be difficult considering how tempting the various restaurants are. I also seek to uncover all the thrift shops in the area and to experience all of the coffee shops, despite not being an avid coffee drinker. Of course, I will do my best to attend several of the hundreds of events that occur in Coeur d’Alene in the summer like Car d’Alene and the Fourth of July firework show. Altogether I am looking forward to a busy, challenging and fantastic summer here at 1st Presbyterian Coeur d’Alene.


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    carolyn keefer says

    Welcome Sami! We hosted a Whitworth fellow 3 summers ago and it was wonderful! We are so excited to have you working with Carli and I know you will love working with her. I look forward to meeting you soon! Enjoy and God Bless your ministry with us!

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    Teel says

    Welcome Sami! So glad to have you with us this summer & know you’ll enjoy the many
    activities Coeur d’ Alene has to offer. You’re right..it is beautiful here! Enjoy your stay!

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