2018 Small Group Directory

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Small groups are the perfect way to get more involved in the life of the church, discover your gifts and talents, and use them for the Kingdom! Please don’t hesitate to contact the leader of any small group in which you are interested; or contact the church office if you have questions.

You’re Invited to Serve

Ecumenical Kitchen

FOCUS: Local churches serving a hot, free meal to the community. Help needed preparing and serving meals whenever 1stPres hosts.

MEETS: Every 2 months 1st Pres hosts the lunch, 11:30 at the Church.

CONTACT: Bev Rasor, (208) 765-3410

Family Promise

FOCUS: Volunteers assist with housing homeless families at the church for a week at a time, three to four times during the year. All help is welcome.

CONTACT: Eric & Chris Fehr, (208) 765-9062; Laura Harris, (208) 640-1001

Knitting for Warmth

FOCUS: This is an open, community knitting time for anyone who would like to create a prayer shawl. Your shawl will be given as a gift of love, hope, and comfort to someone who is critically ill or in crisis. Knitting instruction and materials provided.

MEETS: 10-11:30am on Fridays at the church

CONTACT: Betty Cheeley, (208) 664-2612

Church Ministry Teams

FOCUS: Help as needed in all areas of church ministry such as: Finance, Personnel, Building & Grounds, Tech, Adult Discipleship, Welcome, Community Outreach, Missions, Youth, and more! Open to all.

MEETS: By group consensus

CONTACT: Church Office, (208) 667-8446

Receptions Team

FOCUS: Hosts receptions for weddings, memorial services, and special events at the church as needed. All help is welcome.

CONTACT: Carolyn Peterson, (208) 818-0323

Praise Team

MEETS: for practice 7:45am Sundays.

Performs Sundays 9am & 11am.

CONTACT: Ray Weaver, (509) 270-0615 rayweaver102@gmail.com


MEETS: for practice 7pm Thurs, except the summer. Performs Sundays 9am & 11am.

CONTACT: Judy Flieger, (208) 660-1639; judy.flieger@gmail.com

Bell Choir

MEETS: for practice 7:30am Sundays. Performs Sundays 9am & 11am every other month and special events.

CONTACT: Judy Flieger, (208) 660-1639; judy.flieger@gmail.com

You’re Invited to Grow


FOCUS: Venture is a fantastic mid-week opportunity to grow in your faith and create great new friendships. Choose from several adult studies (afternoon and evening) and an optional meal and worship time. Open to all, Venture features a new children’s program and a regular youth group.

MEETS: Every other Wednesday of the month from 4 pm to 8 pm on a ‘”semester” basis.

CONTACT: Church Office, (208) 667-8446

Christ Care Groups

FOCUS: Adult small groups that meet to minister and grow in the faith together – open to all.

MEETS: Each group decides. Generally meet once or twice per month. Day and evening groups available.

CONTACT: Carolyn Keefer, (208) 691-9914

Book Studies

FOCUS: Short-term book studies with a focus on spiritual growth in a supportive environment. No experience required!

MEETS: Throughout the year

CONTACT: Carolyn Fish, (562) 201-3474

Sunday Morning Bible Study Group

FOCUS: We read a book of the Bible, two to four chapters per week depending on the length of our discussions. All are welcome.

MEETS: Sunday mornings at 8:45 am in the Lakeside Room.

CONTACT: Church Office, (208) 667-8446

Beyond the Broken Heart

FOCUS: Grief support – open to all.


CONTACT: Judy Hays, (208) 660-4083 or Bev Turner, (208) 659-9415

Men’s Thursday Fellowship Group

FOCUS: Fellowship, learning & prayer. All men are welcome.

MEETS: Noon on Thursdays Sept. thru May at The Iron Horse Restaurant on Sherman.

CONTACT: John Mackesy, (208) 719-0333

Men’s Saturday Fellowship Group

FOCUS: Fellowship, learning & prayer. All men are welcome.

MEETS: 7-8:30 am on Saturdays, Sept. thru May at Bakery by the Lake. All are welcome.

CONTACT: Dan Brown, (208) 755-9087

Presbyterian Women’s Association

FOCUS: General meeting with faith-based program. All women are welcome!

MEETS: 3rd Tuesday of each month Sept. thru May, 1 pm

CONTACT: Judy Hayes, (208) 660-4083 or Linda Jones, (208) 661-8605

Women’s Circles

FOCUS: Women’s circles are small groups that meet regularly to grow in faith and discipleship. Contact any of the group leaders below for more information.

Rebecca’s Circle

MEETS: 1 pm on first Tuesday of the month at the Church

CONTACT: Dorcella Hardesty, (208) 818-8952 or Alice Anderson, (208) 930-1061

Ruth’s Circle

MEETS: 6:30 pm on first Tuesday of the month in members’ homes

CONTACT: Judy Hays, (208) 660-4083

Mary’s Circle

MEETS: 1 pm on first Tuesday of the month at the Church

CONTACT: Bev Turner, (208) 659-9415

Esther’s Circle

MEETS: 1 pm on first Tuesday of the month in members’ homes

CONTACT: Lellah Robb, (206) 714-4692

You’re Invited to Fellowship

9 2 5ers

FOCUS: This small group’s purpose is to welcome and connect young adults, young families, and working folks through fun gatherings of doing life together in authentic community.


CONTACT: Tyler or Kierstie Shellman-Renninger, (208) 819-0090

Flying Solo

FOCUS: Join us for Christian fellowship and fun as we gather for a variety of social activities throughout the year. We welcome people who are single, widows/widowers, divorced, or married but attend church alone – in other words, those  “flying solo.

MEETS: Times vary

CONTACT: Sam or Jeannie Logozzo, (425) 359-6307 or saje97@icloud.com

WW2 (Widows & Widowers 2)

FOCUS: A social group for those who have become “single” through death. Open to all widows and widowers.

MEETS: Monthly for group activity or outing

CONTACT: Karen Huber, khuber828@aol.com (208) 691-5270

Basketball Dudes

FOCUS: Playing basketball. Open to all.

MEETS: 6:30pm Thurs at the church seasonly.

CONTACT: Dustin Cook, dustincook@u.boisestate.edu

Dinners at 6ish

FOCUS: A fun way to meet others and fellowship around a meal. Open to all.

MEETS: In groups of about 8, for a series of 3 or 4 potlucks in each other’s homes. Flexible schedule and hosting options.

CONTACT: Church Office, (208) 667-8446