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Always There

I love story’s, I love victories, I love people working hard for their dreams.

Recently with the Ironman that happened a few weeks ago, I was talking to a family member about how their son “Tim” did the Ironman years ago.

Tim had never done the Ironman before but new it was a major goal to complete in life, so he had to do it!

As the big day arrived, prepared for the 1st event, it was swimming. Tim knew he had to give all he could to finish well. Off he went swimming as fast as he could. Lap one done with lots of effort, as if prior training wasn’t enough but giving up was not an option. On lap two the final lap. Heading towards the finish line going slow but Tim thought he was going fast, out of nowhere he knew he couldn’t swim any further, so panicking he yelled out to the life guards for help! After multiple times saying: “help! I can’t make it” the life guards finally responded to Tim saying “why don’t you just stand up, it’s low enough to just walk”!

Hahahah oh boy did I laugh so hard when I heard this part of the story!!

It’s funny but it made me think how in life, when we try to do it all our selves at time and fall flat on our face not remembering God is patiently waiting for us with his hands out saying “why don’t you just let me help you?”.

We make ourselves look so silly at times.

I’m so thankful that God is patient and extents his love and grace to me.

Nikii Dixon

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