Amy’s Update

Editor’s Note: Amy worked at 1stPres over the summer as a Whitworth Fellow.

With the crispness of November in full swing, I find myself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of school, grades, and social issues all around me. The implications of recent election events have not quite settled down, nor have the conversations in my various political science courses. It seems as if my desire for stability has been met with the pushback of sorting through personal growth, particularly in the department of faith. I am quickly realizing that as much as my heart may yearn for adventure and a change of pace, it is no match for the season of consistency that God wants to gift me where I am.

However, as daunting as the prospect of trust may be, it seems fitting that I would be called to a higher purpose in the midst of it all. With more than half of my college career underway, it is easy to fall victim to the devil’s snares of anxiety, stress, and withdrawal. Yet, I am keeping perspective—not solely because I am afraid of the waves that possess the power to drown me, but because I know that the King of Creation holds me within His grasp. My life is a fleeting moment, a temporal speck on the grand windshield of the universe. Even still, the time of my existence matters. It matters more than I may think.

My words come from the rushed, hurried mind of a 21-year old college student, attempting to maintain peace as the rest of the world passes on by. I pray that as you awake each day to the minutia of your own agendas, whether exciting or mundane, you would always remember that you are okay. You will be okay. It is worth it. You are worth it.

– Amy Cheng


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    judy flieger says

    Amy thanks for sharing I pray that you can embrace your future and know that it is bright.

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