An Unexpected Surprise

Last week Scott and I were able to pull off one huge surprise for Emmett and Sawyer, KITTENS!!!

We had been planning on getting those kittens for Christmas for a few weeks. We had officially adopted them and were counting down the time until Christmas morning when they would join our family and be in their forever home.

Well, the thought of our adorable little kittens being loved on by their foster family instead of us for an additional week really got me thinking. How could we pull off this epic surprise a full week early?!

I was able to talk the foster family into letting us take them early. Scott ran to Spokane while I went to grab all the kitty essentials. Later that evening after the kittens settled in a bit we put them in a large wrapped box with a lid and gently placed the kittens our on the front porch.

DING DONG! The next thing I know the boys are running to see who is at the door only to find a large wrapped box with their names on it. We brought the box inside and let them slowly open the lid; “KITTENS!” They both deliriously shouted. They each quickly claimed the kitten that would be theirs. Just like that, we were able to pull of an amazing surprise that will hopefully remain one of the best memories of this Christmas season.

As I thought about the surprise later, I realized that we see God delighting in doing the unexpected throughout the Scriptures. I would certainly think it was a huge surprise to see God holding back the waters for his people to cross the sea. Or what about the time the mouths of lions were closed? Jesus was filled with surprises too! Water into wine anyone?

Perhaps the most unexpected surprise from our Father is the fact that we are forgiven, and nothing is asked for in return. He gave his son as a sacrifice so we could live forever, what a wonderful gift and an even better surprise!

Sawyer with Jack

Emmett with Jolly




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    carolyn keefer says

    What joyful little faces! Blessings to your beautiful family (and new members)! We’re so glad you are part of our First Pres Family! Ron and Carolyn Keefer

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    Betty Cheeley says

    Thank you for sharing your story and adorable photos. They will never forget this Christmas!
    I am so grateful to have your beautiful family as part of our church. You are a blessing to us.

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    Charles Branch says

    Oh, my! Many happy years ahead for Emmett and Sawyer with their cat friends. Baker will be 5 next month, 3 of those years with me, and we’re fortunate that Morgan found our rescue after only a couple days at the KHS shelter. Christmas afternoon (I made a very late start after that long 72 hour day), Baker stepped into the Christmas basket that had been overflowing with home-baked treats from a friend who’d practiced by assembling such baskets at Fred Meyer. Gratitude and joy every day (and never forget “cat lovin’ time”). (BTW, only Baker’s front half fit the basket so I’ll wait for him to jump in the laundry basket for a ‘cat ride.’)
    Mele Kalikimaka Hauoli Makahiki Hou! Charlie

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    Karen Welts says

    The look of joy is pure sweetness and brings smiles to each of us as we read your story and see their faces and cuddles. Thank you for your tireless hours of devotion to your work within this church. You continue to bless us!

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    Bev Turner says

    Carly, you are indeed blessing to our church and the smiles on your sweet children’s face is so touching. Thank you for sharing a Christmas that will never be forgotten.

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