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Four years ago when I was offered the position of Office Manager, I had no idea what really went on “behind the scenes” in a church. Boy, has the past four years been an eye opener for me. I grew up in this church and know so many of you which makes my job special. But one thing I know for certain is that I wouldn’t be successful in this position or do justice to the church congregation without the behind the scenes help of a multitude of individuals who give of their time and talent so willingly.

In Ephesians 1:16 it says, “I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.” There are many I wish to single out with a big THANK YOU for your support and dedication this past year. Thanks to my Mom (Evie Oakland) and Doris Clemans for their Friday bulletin folding & inserting help plus Doris helping with laundering towels and kitchen cleanup. A special thanks to Eric Fehr and Allen Miller as they stand watch after lock up in the evenings in case someone forgets to properly set the alarm or we have a security breach; also thanks to Allen Miller and the Building & Grounds crew for working closely with Gene and I to make sure building projects are completed in a timely manner, necessary repairs are handled quickly and economically, plus keeping the landscape tidy. Thanks goes out to our ‘donut-getters’ each Sunday which consists of Doris Clemans and the Keefer/Jolley ChristCare group. I am always grateful each week for the ministry teams who take turns cleaning up the kitchen after coffee fellowship. The Flieger ChristCare group has been wonderful doing a thorough kitchen cleanup once a month (I will miss this help in 2017). As always, I am amazed at the leadership in our congregation. I appreciate the dedication of Session members and enjoy working closely with Becky Shellman, Clerk of the Session. The Deacons, headed by Karen Welts, have been great behind the scenes as our office team passes along requests from people in need and prayer concerns. Each week Walt Melior and a merry band of counters make sure your tithes and offerings are securely counted and documented for which I am enormously thankful. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the ushers and greeters who not only help with Sunday tasks but also help keep the facility safe and secure for congregants and visitors. I am proud to work alongside nine churches in our community who come to set up and serve the ecumenical food kitchen every Thursday. Bev Rasor and Buzz Hays are the liaisons for our church serving time and I appreciate their years of support along with many in our congregation who serve and prepare food donations. Thanks to the Jack & Ginger Higens, Eric & Chris Fehr, and Laura Harris who make sure the wheels are turning for the weeks that we sponsor Family Promise.

My team made up of Emily & Laura (co-receptionists), Gene (custodial & grounds), Rob (bookkeeper), David & Joe (sound techs) have amazed me with their dedication and stick-to-it attitudes. They are the best at what they do and certainly bring value to our church membership. Charlie Branch is also part of the tech team who volunteers his time freely especially on Sundays to keep the computer screens humming. David and Charlie also help with funerals and concerts which is appreciated by me (and others). I am very grateful for Charlie Nipp and his company team who help us with the 501 Building needs and lease negotiations. Also being part of the Long Range Planning team headed by Charlie Nipp has warmed my heart and continues to amaze me as we work toward the Big Move Building Project in 2017. Staff members and Pastor Craig certainly deserve my thanks for their steadfast efforts on your behalf. The FPC Staff is definitely a well-oiled machine with Christ at the center of all we do.

This past week we had another instance of a church member’s efforts to help make our buildings better. Warren Bakes worked with Jim Collins of Quantum Energy to help replace all our fluorescent light bulbs (over 500) in our three buildings. This was made possible through a special Avista program. Avista provided the LED efficient bulbs at no charge and Jim Collins provided the labor of his team at no charge. WOW – now that’s teamwork! I look forward to seeing lower energy bills in the future for the church as well as greater efficiency with the LED lights.

I’m sure I have forgotten someone and I truly apologize. As you can tell, there are so many people that make up this congregation and the work that is done behind the scenes. It truly is a blessing. THANK YOU.

Happy New Year!

Becky Clegg

Church Administrator


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    Keefers says

    Thank you, Becky, for keeping everyone organized and doing the things that need to be done along with all that YOU do! What a team! Praise God for the dedication of YOU and so many members of our church family!

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    warren Bakes says

    Thanks Becky for the kind words. The days are getting longer and camping is getting closer!

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    meda scott says

    THank you for keeping your pulse on the church. You do well. Meda Scott

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    'Dean' Childers says

    Becky, that was such a thoughtful letter and I know I am not alone when I tell you that when I see you at Church you make me smile inside and outside.
    We are so blessed by ALL you do and I know that God is smiling too and is saying, ” I chose well”
    I am in awe of the many things that our Church and family do.
    There are so many wonderful changes in the Church from 60 years ago.
    You just did one, and, that was expressing your appreciation to all who dedicate their time and love for God’s house.
    Thank you Becky for being you, and, for your all YOU do.
    God bless you each and every day.
    In Christ’s name.. ‘Dean’

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