Big Move: Blessing Our Downtown Workers (BDW)

James 2:14-17

May our faith be accompanied by action, thereby making it a living faith.

1st PresDowntown will serve our neighbors with a living love, founded on genuine relationships and demonstrated through considerate actions.

Project Scope:

Expressing our Love 1st values via tangible means by taking a leadership role in creating a small community-based nonprofit to serve the low-income, at-risk people, working in our neighborhood mission field.

BDW Actions to Date:

Outreach by and with Big Table

  • Mid 2015- Big Table connected to FPC when Kevin Finch was invited to do a presentation to the congregation on caring for those in the hospitality business.
  • End 2015 – Mission Team added Big Table as a mission partner.
  • December 2015 – FPC participated in a Christmas Blitz of Unexpected $20s to several of our local fast food restaurants.
  • January 2016 – BDW began a conversation with Big Table investigating how FPC might take a leadership role in creating an extension of Big Table in the CdA area.
  • March through September 2016 – Big Table invited FPC to do a care blitz for the Tim and Deb Anderson, owners of The Big Yellow food truck, beginning an on-going care relationship.
    • Many FPC members began to frequent the Big Yellow and visiting with Deb and Tim.
    • Prayer shawls from FPC Deacon’s were given to them.
    • A Care Quilt with encouraging thoughts and financial gifts from FPC was delivered.
    • FPC members sent bereavement cards to Deb and Pastor Craig attended Tim’s funeral.
    • It was recently noted that the Big Yellow was reopened; BDW will touch base with Deb
  • June 2016 – FPC had six members participate in a dinner at The Cellar in honor and care of those working in food service industry.
  • June 2016 – Amy Cheng, Whitworth Fellow begins her Fellowship. She was tasked with two primary goals:
  • First, she was to identify and meet with possible key players in our downtown community to join in a care endeavor.
    • June through August – Amy met with managers, owners, human resource directors and employees in the hospitality industry – seeking out those with insight to the needs of our hospitality workers and interest in joining forces- creating a valuable resource list of community connections for BDW
    • Second, she was to facilitate the FPC connection with Big Table’s mission.
      • June through July – Amy and Pastor Craig were in communication with Big Table when it became clear that there was a miscommunication in Big Table’s interest and ability in bringing on a Coeur d’Alene arm of Big Table. Though they couldn’t take on the administration of a Cd’A outreach, they would be able to provide some support and guidance as FPC leads the creation of a small community-based nonprofit to carry out a mission similar to Big Table
  • August 2016 – Love our Downtown Workers Workshop at Fine Brewed
    • Amy organized a presentation inviting the community to come learn about the needs and opportunities to care for those working in the hospitality industry and hear the challenges of people falling into the ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed)
    • Big Table staff were key presenters and expressed their support of FPC moving forward with a CdA nonprofit, affirming a willingness to mentor us in the process.

Fork-in-the Road: Small Community- Based Nonprofit

Upon realizing that Big Table is not currently focused on bringing on a CdA branch, BDW is seeking to create a community-based nonprofit to provide care and resources to our CdA Hospitality Industry workers. We are looking to FPC to take on the leadership role of incubating the nonprofit.

A key asset in this endeavor is our own Rebecca Smith. She has firsthand experience in launching a nonprofit and is invested in seeing this happen. So much so, that she is willing to give her time and expertise to our team.

Next Steps:

  • Investigate the level of FPC commitment to taking this leadership role
  • Identify community partners interested in collaboration in a nonprofit
  • Identify a broader field of FPC resources to support this endeavor
  • Using Rebecca Smith’s expertise to start the steps to launch a nonprofit
  • Propose a request to the BIG MOVES campaign of $35,000 over 5 yrs
    • Approximately $15,000 for the first year in a leadership/incubator role
    • $5,000 each year following as care support mission funds