Our 5 Big Moves for the Next 5 Years


1. Student Ministry – Deeply Engaged with Youth & Young Adults

Material presented to the church on August 28, 2016

Goals for the Next 5 Years

  • Expanding into specific ministry for each age grouping: middle school; and high school, along with other emerging young adults such as college-age.
  • Hiring a full-time Student Ministry Director to build up the ministry.
  • Recruiting cross generational support network of parents and volunteers.
  • Acquiring new technology and enhanced ministry space.
  • Making a clear path from Children’s Ministry to Student Ministry so faith will keep growing.

Video of Presentation


2. The Next Generation Church

Material  presented to the church on September 18, 2016

 Goals for the Next 5 Years

  • Finding ways to effectively reach a post-modern culture. (It’s estimated that over the next 50 years those choosing no religious affiliation will reach 50% of the population, while mainline denominations will continue their steep decline.)
  • Offering a new, totally unique “Next Gen” worship gathering, offering an additional worship at 1stPres at an alternative time, providing access to authentic community, care, growth in faith, and serving.
  • Hiring a part-time worship facilitator (15 hours/week) to design, recruit and lead the new worship gathering.
  • Intentionally exploring and planning new forms of church for the next generation of Believers through collaborative partnerships such as 1001 New Worshiping Communities (PCUSA), Communitas North America and Chi Rho Community.


3. Loving Downtown Workers

Material presented to the church on October 2, 2016

 Goals for the Next 5 Years

  • Training a core group to offer care and build relationships with people working in the restaurant/hospitality industry Downtown.
  • Creating a regularly replenished care fund for offering people practical assistance.
  • Holding frequent care events like holiday blitzes and ‘unexpected $20’s.
  • Helping create a community-wide network of businesses, churches and individuals who care for this industry, similar to the approach which birthed Big Table in Spokane.

Handout Content and Video about Creating Non-Profits


NOTE: Video includes Coalition presentation

4. Building A Coalition of Christians

Material presented to the church on October 2, 2016

 Goals for the Next 5 Years

  • Creating a coalition of people of faith, from a variety of churches, working together in a sustained, consistent way to help address the pressing needs of people in our community.
  • Partnering with United Way North Idaho to address the growing needs of Coeur d’Alene’s ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) population, who are above the poverty line, but don’t earn a living wage.

NOTE: Video is included above with Downtown Workers presentation

5. Upgrading Our Church: A New Front Entrance and Handicap Access

Material  presented to the church on September 25, 2016

Goals for the Next 5 Years

  • Creating a new, well-marked, inviting and accessible front entrance for the church on Lakeside Avenue.
  • Expanding into the space between the Sanctuary and the Hunter Building, effectively doubling our greeting space, creating a café space, and providing a new split entry drop-off entrance for Glory Be Learning Center and childcare during worship times.
  • Creating handicap parking, elevators, lifts and ramps to give easy access to both the Sanctuary and the greeting area for those using canes, walkers or wheelchairs.
  • Making a central Sunday entrance and greeting space which is also useful for youth/young adult and children’s programs, community outreach and Next Generation Worship.
  • Doing this all without impacting either the Sanctuary or Admin Building (the gym, kitchen, offices, etc.).