Can We Come In To Pray?

Working at a church can easily become a routine of keeping the good people in and the bad people out. Over the years I’ve worked in church settings there have been occasions when I mistakenly thought some folks should stay out.  One time two motorcycle riders showed up in the 4th and Kathleen area and asked at the church office if they could camp outside near the church.  I reluctantly consented and warned them that the sprinklers would be on at 4 a.m.  The next day they came to ask if they could pray for the success of the church!

One a recent Thursday evening Ray Weaver and I were finishing a conversation in the foyer of 1st Pres.  Two ladies appeared and asked if the sanctuary was open.  I immediately thought that the scheduled events were finished and of course they should leave so that the alarm could be set.  But then Ray said, “We’ll be here for a little while.”  So they asked if they could spend a few minutes in the sanctuary and I nodded approval.  Ray and I finished up our conversation and they immerged from the sanctuary with tear stained cheeks.

My lesson for the day was a reminder that people in our community are looking for a special place to pray and they know we have a sanctuary. Allowing people access and time for prayer is a priority and I want to be more sensitive when people show up to pray!


Sam Hunter


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    Laurie says

    God bless you.

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    Judy flieger says

    You are so right on. We never know when we may be entertaining angels unaware. Thanks, for sharing.

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    Charlie Branch says

    Amen, brother.

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    Kitty says

    I miss the days when security was less of an issue and we could access a sanctuary when we wanted or needed to. All over the country I have a connection with a sanctuary that is so special that it transcends the memories of those I knew there. And there are cathedrals and churches I never attended but always visit for a special feeling, connecting with my past and imagining others (St. Patrick’s in NYC for example), helping me in the present. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have those days back? You are providing the next best thing – the sensitivity when someone feels that way about sitting and praying in the First Pres we all know and love.

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