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Change in Routine

On my drive to work each morning as I turn onto Coeur d’Alene Avenue from Third Street, I slow my car to observe an interesting group of creatures. On top of the building housed by a fitness business resides a rather large group of seagulls. They perch along the edge of the building and also on the street light. They look perfectly spaced as they wait and watch. Their routine is predictable as they take turns hovering in the sky looking for scraps and trash left the night before. I thought about my own routine every morning as I take my two doxies out to do their business and feed them. Then sitting in the front room with my hubby discussing the day’s activities over a cup of coffee while my doxies snooze on our laps is a delightful start to my morning routine. Sometimes routine can turn to disruption by one small thing and then we can choose to be out of sorts or roll with the punches.
I was reminded of routine at the church on Sunday, January 29. WHAT A DAY! Not our normal routine to be sure. Only one service and we had special guests from Beth Shalom to share worship. Then we had our annual congregational meeting plus a fabulous potluck. Once that was completed, our Family Promise helpers came in to set up for our Family Promise guests for the week. Yes, our routine lacked the ordinary that we are used to but the change was welcome. In the months ahead we will certainly need to embrace change in our routine with the Big Moves Building Project. Yes, we will be worshipping in the gym once again for a period of time. Many of you remember our worship time in the gym when we refurbished the Sanctuary. We had good times and some fun changes to the worship routine. Also during the week we might see some changes as well for room reservations and other shifting of resources but once this building project is complete, oh my goodness, our opportunities as a church will surely expand. I’m personally thrilled for the solution to the handicap accessibility. Over the past four years as your Church Administrator, I’ve seen the challenges of so many of our elderly. Often I wished I could “beam” them into the Sanctuary without having to traverse the corridors to the Sanctuary. Once the building project is complete, the lift as well as the elevator will change routines for the best. We are creatures of habit but I would suggest that in the months ahead you be willing to look at the change in our church routines in a positive light and we can all move forward together in a positive way.
One of my favorite scripture verses that I’ve always clung to when I go through change is Jeremiah 29.11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Although change in our routine can at times seem disruptive, change can be good. Let’s make the change ahead a good one.
God bless,
Becky Clegg
Church Administrator

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