Even the Little Daisy Becomes a Meadow

Several months ago I was given a book entitled “Walking by Faith” which is filled with biblical verses about faith and quotes from people such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Charles Dickens, C. S. Lewis, Louisa May Alcott, and several others.

There was one in particular, that for some unknown reason, leapt off the page and firmly implanted itself in my mind. “Even the little daisy becomes a meadow”, attributed to Martin Luther. This quote would randomly pop into my head and I just could not figure out what I was missing!

Then, God in his infinite wisdom and timing, did the big “reveal! The joy of giving! Barb McPoland, that little daisy, had a vision and that vision, 35 years later, has blossomed into a vast and beautiful meadow. As Mahatma Gandhi so eloquently put it, “To find yourself, lose yourself in the service of others.”

I had never experienced anything like the joy I felt during the giveaway! Truly giving from the heart filled my heart with joy and renewed my soul and I also found a little more of myself along the way. Giving without expectations of receiving takes us out of ourselves and brings true joy. I found that being focused on giving to others lessened by own concerns and challenges and I was able to see the bigger picture.

For me, that act of giving kindled my self-esteem and made me happy. Studies have shown that happiness is related to how much gratitude we show. After several years of soul searching I have finally discovered that a lot of my unhappiness was due to my want for “things” to fill that awful void of loneliness.

Giving is one of the best investments we can make toward achieving real happiness. True giving comes from the heart and I think we’ll find that the more we give, the more we will receive. There’s an old Chinese proverb that says; “If you always give, you will always have.”

If you find yourself feeling unhappy, try making someone else happy and see what happens. If you are feeling empty and unfulfilled, try doing something meaningful and see how you feel. The catch is that you have to do this work with passion and enthusiasm. Try it, I’m here to tell you, it works!!





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    Emily Rogers says

    Powerful reminder, Chris! All of our Deacons certainly demonstrated their passionate and enthusiastic giving hearts during that clothing giveaway! Thank you!

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    Teresa Brown-Douglas says

    This is a wonderful message of encouragement and wisdom. Especially when I have lost loved ones, truly found that giving and thinking of others made a huge difference on a tender journey. Thank you Chris, for so beautifully stating this. It was a glowing and encouraging outreach. Your message feels like a gift! Hugs!

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    Laurie Lyons says

    Thank you, Chris! We all like to be reminded that the joy is in giving; that’s all the reward we need.

  4. Reply
    Kathy says

    WOW! Well said

  5. Reply
    Bev Turner says

    Thanks Chris, very well said. A wonderful reminder to give freely of ourselves and the rewards it brings to comfort our souls.

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