Downtown Youth Group (DYG) Fall Focus:

The fall youth programming will be focusing on “connections”. This means programming that facilitates connections between the students and the church both as a whole and the congregants within the church. This will come about through students getting plugged into ways that they can participate more deeply on Sunday mornings, making connections with those participating with Venture on Wednesday nights, and by being welcomed into homes of congregation members for Bible studies on Sunday evenings. The church is a family; an interconnected group of relationships; a body. For this body to function as it should, we as the members of this body must value and strive for the flourishing of each part. Let’s get reconnected.
Fall Programming:
Middle School:
Wednesday from 6-8pm meet at 1stPres.
We’ll be eating dinner, worshiping, playing games, and studying God’s word every Wednesday night! Come join us as we have fun and dig into God’s word together after eating some really good food.
High School:
Sunday from 6-8pm meet at 1stPres.
As a small high school group that we are, we’ll be meeting at the church where we’ll then head to different congregation member’s households in downtown to eat food, have fellowship, and talk about God and life together. Come make connections and grow together in faith and in relationship!

Contact: Josh Wagner | Director of Student Ministries | (208) 667-8446