God is Bigger Than Any Virus!

Youth ministry at 1stPres will not be intimidated into inaction by any world events! Obviously we have to make modifications to the way we do business – but difficult times are also amazing opportunities to change bad habits and learn new skills. My bad habits are counting on face-to-face time with our youth to connect with them. It’s an out-of-sight-out-of-mind mentality that I need to grow out of. My new skills are going to center around using prayer and technology to connect with the youth and their families at a new and deeper level.

New to 1stPres?

If you are looking for a great place for your children to be loved and challenged; to learn about God; have fun and make new friends – this is that kind of place. Our focus is on living life to the fullest – which means a life that is full of Jesus and His followers! Normally we meet Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings every week – but these are not normal times. If you would like to reach out I would be happy to share with you the resources and type of youth ministry that we are working with right now.

Contact: Steve Balas | Director of Student Ministries
steve@1stpresdowntown.org | (208) 667-8446