Easter Traditions

The Bible certainly does not make mention of any cotton tailed, long-eared creature who delivers candy and decorated eggs to children on Easter. With my children’s curiosity growing, I wanted to know for myself how and why Easter traditions morphed into the holiday we celebrate today. The Easter bunny has become a prominent symbol of the holiday that is arguably the most important day in Christian history. The exact origin of the Easter bunny in unclear, but rabbits are known to be epic procreators, they are an ancient symbol of fertility, and are symbolic of new life. According to Time.com “the Easter bunny first arrived in America in the 1700s with German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania and transported their tradition of an egg-laying hare called “Osterhase” or “Oschter Haws.” The magazine states that the German children would create nests in which the creature could lay its multi-colored eggs. Of course these days those multi-colored eggs have expanded to more than actual hard boiled eggs. Depending on the family they can include candy, toys and even money! I know my kids are always eager to find the mother of all eggs with the $5 bill inside!

All joking aside, in my family we enjoy secretly hiding eggs, and of course, we give all the credit to the mythical unseen creature. We love watching the joy on our children’s faces as they search through the snow, errr I mean grass for brightly colored plastic eggs with mysterious treats inside. We do however make sure our children know the true reason we are celebrating this season.

We made this fun craft with our kids this year to share the gospel with family members who are not familiar with the true reason we celebrate. I hope you are inspired to create this project and share the joy of this season with friends, family and neighbors. This will appeal to adults too, of course it does help if you have an adorable 5 year old narrating the story!




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    Jeannie Logozzo says

    What a great idea for helping children understand the true meaning of Easter! Thanks for sharing, Carley.

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    Carol Landon says

    I love this creative way to celebrate the true meaning of Easter ✝️

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    Teresa Brown-Douglas says

    Wonderfully creative & inspirational….thank you for sharing.

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