Epiphany Reflection

We were once in darkness, but we have now seen the light (Eph. 5:8)

Epiphany started yesterday – depending on which calendar you look at and, frankly, your specific faith tradition.  Following the Christmas season, this is the time that celebrates an illuminating discovery, realization, the disclosure … of the Christ Child.

I found a wonderful article written by JT English, a pastor at The Village Church in Dallas, Texas, that discusses in-depth his perspective of the Magi – who they might have been and how they found the baby Jesus.

He goes on to relate a story where a friend, who had never seen The Sixth Sense, was truly shocked to find that the Bruce Willis character has been dead for the whole movie. English says, “We’ve all had experiences like this before—moving from ignorance to insight, from obliviousness to comprehension, from darkness to light. These moments tend to shape and form us because they are unforgettable … And once we see it, we can’t un-see it.” Was that how it was for the wise men, led by the star, when they found the Holy Child?

The season of Epiphany celebrates our understanding that everything has changed: the Christ Child has been sent to earth. English continued, “The wise men are led by a star to the house where Jesus is and, in perhaps the greatest epiphany of all time, they fall down and worship Jesus, offering Him precious treasures before returning home without reporting back to Herod.”

Who these wise men actually were is up for debate. Were they kings, astrologers, or simply representatives of the world outside of Herod’s kingdom? While Herod rejects the baby, the wise men kneel down before him. “In a wild plot twist, God invites the least likely to worship a Jewish King, to be among the first to worship Him,” English writes. This is a foreshadowing that the Messiah came to save the whole world.

In your faith journey, have you had those moments of comprehension – moving from ignorance to insight? I know I have. I’m so blessed to be part of a community where my faith can stretch and grow in understanding. That’s not really an epiphany, but an acknowledgement of the love and devotion of this wonderful congregation.

Wishing you Happiness and Blessings in the New Year knowing that we have also seen the light!



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    Jim & Wendy Taylor-Sanders says

    Janet, what a great article! You prompted me to do more reading and my own research. Thank you for your inspiration. Good job! PS ~ love the picture off you and your Craig; you both are such a wonderful part of our Church.

  2. Reply
    carolyn keefer says

    Janet ~ What great thoughts in your writing and sharing! The whole “wise man” issue is so overlooked. Your reading and writing really gave all of us some “food for thought”! Thank you! You are a blessing to us all! (Craig is too!)

  3. Reply
    Karen Huber says

    Yah, what all they said above!!!

  4. Reply
    Teel says

    AMEN!! great article & so well written! Thanks for all you do for our “wee Kirk”!
    You both have brought so much to our Sundays & the congregation!

  5. Reply
    suzy jolley says

    Dearest Janet,
    Thank you for your research, insight, and your elegant faith. You inform and inspire us!
    And you are such a sweet blessing to our congregation and community!
    With love, Suzy

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