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Growing up we are constantly told “find something that you’re passionate about” or “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” or “you can be anything you want to be”.  No pressure right? Well, when I was told this as a kid, I spent way to much brain power trying to figure out how I could possibly fit all my dreams into one profession….and from there evolved my dream of becoming the world’s best (and probably first)  Cowgirl Ballerina Singer.

Well turns out I don’t really like horses, I am not at all a graceful dancer, and my singing skills are best saved for solo car rides where I can belt out Taylor Swift and no one has to hear it. Don’t worry, there aren’t any hurt feelings of that dream not working out.  Besides, I am much more suited for a career in education anyways.  I love kids, I am passionate about impacting the next generation, and they even think I am a good singer!

I spent much of my high school and early college life, worrying that other people had their lives planned out and here I was having no idea what I was passionate about and no clue what I wanted to do with my life. As you get to know me you’ll learn two very important things. I am a HUGE planner and I hate committing to things.   Yes, yes they do compete and yes they cause me quite a bit of stress when trying to make plans for where to eat or what TV show to watch next.  As you can imagine, that has also thrown quite a wrench in trying to decide what to do with my future.   I was pretty stoked when I found my passion for education and wasn’t too afraid to commit to it.

Over this past year however, I have had doubts about that field as well. I used to get frustrated when this happened. “Alright God if you don’t want me to do this why did you let me get all excited about it?” A question I asked a lot when trying to make a decision on something.  I have learned that my planner side needs to accept that God’s timing is always significantly better than mine and my commitment-phobe side needs to understand that it’s okay to be nervous about the future but lean into the adventure of the unknown.

Well here we are today, still not sure what I want to do, passionate about many different things in the field of education, and learning to trust that God is going to reveal his plan for me when the time is right. Whether that be teaching in a traditional classroom, opening my own literacy center, or something in a completely different country, I am excited for the adventure of it. Who knows, maybe one of my future students will be the first cowgirl ballerina singer.

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    Emily Rogers says

    I totally “get it!” That’s probably why I chose elementary education, because the variety of subjects you get to teach is vast! I finally realized I just needed to START and God led me to the next step! So glad to have you with us this summer!

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    Carol Landon says

    So very special to get to know you & watch (at least for several weeks) how your dreams evolve with God at the lead ✝️ Hugs Carol aka Nana to Miles & Mason Taylor 💞

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    Charles Branch says

    Sarah, You’ve “got it!” That explains why I en-joy serving as morning crossing guard and helping with ALP Math at Sorensen Magnet School, and helping students during their first week of summer vacation at ACE Academy decipher their psychrometric diagrams (to find dew point temperature from their dry and wet bulb temps). A couple of Sorensen parents bringing kids to the aviation career exploration camp (ages 13-18) were surprised to see me again.
    “You can be anything you want to be” is true in public radio (including marine vhf…) and sound engineers can make anybody sound like who they want to be. Adjust frequencies, and even I could sound like Taylor Swift and ride like a cowboy Baryshnikov on radio… “Life is what happens after the plan” but it helps you to relax, breathe, focus and keep going. Happy to be here, and glad you are, too. Enjoy the summer!

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