Forever… Is that like ‘maintenance free’?

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Forever… Is that like ‘maintenance free’?

Following this current series on the “Genealogy of Jesus” is quite thought-provoking in both services. (You could ask me how I know, or please volunteer upstairs at one or both services with the tech team and you‘ll learn that.)  Listen to the podcast message for background to this (oh, what a tangled) web log we weave.

The first message got me thinking about my famous relatives. Okay, Mary Todd Lincoln is back there, but she did way too much decorating (and spending) in the White House for my taste.  I recall the relative who strode the breastworks during one of this nation’s early wars (I’d have to look it up, and that would mean digging through a number of moving boxes or asking a sister.).  The enemy launched a shot at him, which splashed debris into his coffee.  Incensed by that outrage, he rallied the troops and charged the opposition.    Yeah, it is that important: Don’t mess with us before the morning coffee!

The question in the second message “What’s something you think of as ‘Forever’?” brought up the advertising copywriters’ “maintenance-free” phrase to describe, well, practically anything. One example is the composite decking used in our condominium (condo-minimum?) complex, which started out with a bad batch that has been (but for several non-responses) nearly completely replaced by the manufacturer.  This product is advertised as “maintenance free” but if you watch it for a few years, you’ll notice that rain or snowmelt will look like it’s soaking through what had been a water repellent coating.  It’s taken a bit of effort to learn how to clean and seal composite decking, and to locate and order those products from a dealer (or the manufacturer, but a local pickup often saves on shipping).  I placed an order by phone, and picked up a package of cleaner and two gallons of sealer (I only need a pint or so at a time for my deck, but I have neighbors and we can split the quantity and cost.), meeting Wayne at Western Building Supply in Stevensville, MT on the way to my folks.  He agreed that “maintenance-free is not,” and takes our own effort to maintain.

I don’t think our faith is maintenance free, either. Having it in your mind that “prayer should be a constant” thing helps, as well as our interactions with others as we journey through the days.  The small gatherings with others from 1st Pres and elsewhere (Christcare group meetings, Sunday lunch, Iron Horse men’s lunch, to name a few) really help in our encouragement of each other to (for lack of a better term) ‘keep the faith.’


Charlie Branch


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    Teel McGavin says

    Well said Charlie! Sounds like your background has historical ties!

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    Laurie says

    Way to read it, Charlie! Thanks for your always right on input.

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    Marcy Clutter says

    Enjoyed this, Charlie! You’re a talented (and funny!) writer.

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