“Girl – I Got This!”

Sunday night was a rough one for me. I was up three times during the night worrying about Vacation Bible School. Would we have enough volunteers? How was I going to pull off all the decorating that needed to get done? Would the children hear the gospel message in a clear, easy to understand way? How am “I” going to pull this off being brand new to children’s ministry?!

The third time I was up, I finally realized what the problem was, the focus was on meI was wondering how I was going to make this all work, rather than trusting that God would provide everything I needed. During those minutes at 3am, I realized my error and gave our program to God. Literally saying “God, I am giving VBS to you.”

Fast forward to the next morning (after grabbing a Starbucks of course). I had been trying to contact a local church that was also doing ROAR! since last Thursday with no luck. I decided I was going to step out on a limb and just stop by the church to try and make a connection. I tried a set of doors on the west side of the building and they were locked. I drove around to the other set of doors and again found them to be locked. I tried a third set of doors, you guessed it… I  FINALLY found an open door and walked into the church. I felt like I had just walked into the African Savannah! There were huts, life sized trees, amazing animals and all sorts of cool detailed decorations everywhere! I was able to meet their VBS Director Trish Glendening and she walked me through the whole operation. She was so helpful and sweet. After the tour I felt emboldened to ask what they were doing with all their decorations after VBS. She offered to let us use anything we wanted! What an amazing blessing! I literally could not believe it!

I had given our VBS program to God not even 6 hours prior to this all taking place. I literally felt like God was saying, “Let me show you what can happen when you trust me.” Later in the day I got a call from a Spokane church who needed to borrow some supplies from us for their VBS program. I of course did everything I could, and in turn I have now made two wonderful new friends who are also new to children’s ministry. I feel like we are breaking down walls and barriers that can surround churches in the same community. We are facilitating new relationships both inside our denomination and out. I am so excited to see where God will take these partnerships in the future.

A huge part of my passion for our Children’s and Family ministry is to foster relationships between groups both inside and outside our church. A big part of my philosophy is about building community. With that being said, I would love to invite you to come down to the church this Thursday afternoon at 4:00 to discuss VBS decorating. We will meet in the Fireside room. I also invite you to come down to the church any time between 8am and 4pm July 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th. Come help us decorate and really WOW the children who walk through these doors to hear about Jesus. Come for 1 hour or 6, no experience necessary! We will have something for every ability and it would be a huge blessing to our program. Let’s break down walls and barriers between groups in our own church and really build on the amazing community we have right here within our walls.



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    Jeri Lee says

    It’s the decorating on June 37?

  2. Reply
    Jeri Lee says

    June 27 not 37!!

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    Carley Walker says

    Hi Jeri, We will be here all next week from 8am – 4pm (at the earliest) decorating for VBS. Come any time during those hours 🙂 The informational meeting was last Thursday, but you absolutely can come help any time!

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