God’s Will and Our Decisions

I used to think of God’s will as a linear path of correct answers that I should be able to figure out if I was just a bit more holy. How this became my view of God’s will is unknown to me. Oddly enough, it seems to be how most Christians currently think of it too. But, nonetheless this view caused me a great deal of anxiety in decisions I’ve had to make. After personal reflection and studying the topic, I now disagree with this common view. I disagree because of one main reason: anxiety. If God’s will is a linear path, we fear making the wrong decision when presented with multiple good decisions. We end up diving head first into the future taking with us every possible scenario as we play the game: “What could go wrong with this choice?”  If we do this, we ignore Jesus’ words to “not worry about tomorrow” as He says in Matthew 6. Could it be, rather, that God’s will for our lives is simply a life oriented towards Him? Not a life crippled by constantly worrying about potential outcomes? I believe that this oriented life is what God asks of us. For reference, Jesus’ teaching to “…seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things (our needs) will be given to us,” is straight forward. Seeking the kingdom of God is more of a mindset and lifestyle than a string of anxious decisions.

Even more so, God doesn’t want our lives to be a string of anxious decisions! Paul reminds us of this in Romans 8:28, “God works for the good of those who love Him.” So, if we are oriented towards God we can have faith God will be with us in our decisions. Therefore, if there are multiple good options presented to us, could there be multiple right choices in a decision? I believe so. Though, of course there are also wrong choices that simply are against God’s intentions for us and how He has created each of us. So, whether it is the job we choose, the person we marry, the college we commit to, or the church we attend, there might be more than one right choice. And if we orient ourselves towards God, the only wrong choice in any of these decisions are the ones we make without Him. I believe if we walk with God in faith, putting our love for God and His truth first, there can be multiple right paths throughout life. Right paths come from our orientation toward God and not from trying to walk the perfect line in an anxiety-stricken life.


Josh Wagner


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    Charles Branch says

    Thanks, Josh! I think the best advice I ever received was/is/will be found on the front of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: “Don’t Panic” written in large, bright, friendly letters on the cover. Last weekend provided an example of that (and Murphy’s Law, too) as the big projector ran for the duration of Saturday’s conference, then chose thermal shutdown the next morning (showing off for a larger crowd. I enjoyed being the “front of house” direction for a change, and mentioned that I hope it brings new volunteers. Looking forward to youth participation, too, as the new space affords new opportunities. Charlie (not worrying about the ‘perfect line’ as I have yet to meet someone that can cut composite fabrics straight…)

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    Karen Huber says

    Right on, Josh! I think we have all gone through that angst of “what would Jesus do” or “what is God’s Will for me” debate, when the message to us is the Lord will be with us through whatever we choose…..

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    Jim Sanders says

    On target Josh ! I’m sure many turns divide into various choices , to what trail to be on ? Many times they were unable to make any decisions ? I’m sure at this point you have the right time to “ turn to Jesus Christ and the
    Love of God and the aides of the church “

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    Sam Hunter says

    There is a book out there that is a good read for those thinking about a framework for God’s will – “Decision Making and the Will of God.” God gives us a lot of latitude in decision making.

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