Good-bye and Thanks!

My dad… he knew that my heart first broke when I heard Session’s decision to close Glory Be. He saw it in my eyes again when it became clear that there just wasn’t enough time to find and secure a building to move the School to. That’s why as he was helping me clean out the Center last week he decided I needed the Glory Be sign off of the wall. He handed it to me as I was tearfully watching the equipment go out the door.  In a rare moment of peace in the storm, he quietly said to me, “you need this…to help you remember all the good that has happen here over the last 8yrs under your command.”

Though I don’t want to walk out of this building one last time carrying the knowledge that an early childhood education program I nurtured and loved as if it were my own child is gone, I do thank God for all good He has done here; for all of the families that have been blessed by our teachers, staff and friends over the years; for all of the equipment has gone to other programs and will benefit many more children and their families.

Because of God’s provision, each of the teachers have jobs. Shawna and Telima are team teaching at Noah’s Ark, Kendra is working with the Children’s Village, Linda took 3 of the kids to her home, Julie is working at a preschool in Spokane and Brandi is working at the Tea House. As for me, I’m not sure what God has in mind yet but I can tell you that I will be working with, and advocating for, young children and their families!

God moves us in ways we don’t always understand. He grows us through change, and through the pain of loss, and through the grieving of the loss of a ministry. I will continue to pray that each of our families find the peace and joy only God can provide in their lives during this transition. I will also continue to pray that God will guide our community to both stand up for and demand quality child care programs for all young children because early education matters…it makes a difference in the lives of the children it touches.

The last 8 years have been pure joy. Thank you for your prayers and blessings.  Thank you for your love and support.  Thank you for the time you gave to the children in our community.  Most importantly, thank you for 8 great years of allowing the staff and I to share God’s love, to be His hands and feet on the ground, in the lives of these incredible children.

Serving with you in Christ Jesus,



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    Emily Rogers says

    Thank you for all of God’s love you wrapped up in your students’ learning! Your guidance to the staff also reflected that love and also shone through them! The excitement of your students showed that they always KNEW you loved them—as God always loves us! You will be deeply missed and loved! Thank you, Susie!

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    Bev Moss says

    Ellie and Vivie say thanks!

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    Charles Branch says

    Thank you, Susie! I find such joy in helping students younger (and older) than I am, so let me know when you need my help in the future. Please thank Jeff and the guys for their help, too, as I think of them whenever I am in the sanctuary, giving thanks for the grounding circuits they put in during the renovation. As the title song for the movie “FM” goes, “No static at all… FM.” We will miss you…

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