Cookin’ Live and Hot with Pepper Choplin’s The Heart of Christmas

Christmas Concert Contest: If you have a better suggestion for the title of a video DVD or audio CD, please let Steve Balas or me know, by writing it down and putting it in Steve’s office mailbox. I told Steve I lost track of the number of times I was asked if I recorded the concert, and whether it would be made available.

(I’ll say that since Steve asked me about recording the concert with the Sony HandyCam Thursday afternoon, when we scouted locations with Tyler Hughes, NIC’s sound engineer who provided the ambient mic feed to the cameras.) Kudos to Jet for the lighting, and Matt and Trevor setting up the stage lights (Friday as I was setting up my tripod with the Sony camera, and preparing for Sunday’s rapid install after the second service).  The Canon EOS 70d provided footage of Saturday’s rehearsal, and a few still photos Saturday and Sunday.  I took the Sony camera off the balcony tripod after the second Children’s Message, packed it up with the AC cord before the end of the scripture message, swapped tripod mount plates and checked the audio feed (remembered my headphones!) by 1:00 p.m., checked in with Steve and wandered the room shooting (no flash) stills with the Canon.

God put that camera in my hands a year ago with a deal that my daughter Emily told me I shouldn’t refuse. (Refurbished deal from Canon USA, which led to a recent request to take photographs for Resort Aviation and a possible trade for space for Aviation Club’s beginner flight training course on a PC-based simulator. All we need is students!)

Tyler agreed that “FILO” is a technician’s motto: “First In, Last Out”. My huge thanks to Pastors Craig and Dan for recognizing the NIC stage crew, who deserved a great ovation for their work behind the scene.  As one of FPC’s techs, I was welcomed to the crew as a brother in arms, understanding each other.

Experiencing the spirit of Christmas and Thanksgiving every day (as Mom said we should),

Charlie Branch


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    Wendy Taylor says

    I’m waiting with great anticipation for the release of “cookin’ Livve & Hot With Pepper Choplin,s The Heart Of Christmas”.
    Please reserve 3 copies for me

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    carolyn keefer says

    Thank you, Charlie, for all you do behind the scenes each and every week! You are much appreciated! Thank you for sharing your time, energy, and gifts with all of us!

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