I Am Thankful

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year to call a halt to the busy-ness and troubles in our lives and focus on being grateful and truly thankful for all of the blessings showered upon us.

Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song. Psalm 95:1-2

It’s a focused time to reflect on all the bounty bestowed by God. I look forward to hearing my family and friends sincerely express their gratefulness, and I listen for what especially touched their hearts this year. My turmoil is how to summarize a myriad of thanks to God flowing from my heart.

Thank You, Lord, for all the blessings You bestow:
A husband who truly loves me,
A warm, comfortable home to live in,
An abundance of food in the pantry.

My family, both near and far, who enrich the fabric of my life,
My friends who bring love and laughter to daily activities,
My neighbors who greet me in care and concern.

For a church family who overflows with love,
For a Pastor who provides us with rich guidance,
For the many congregants who serve as your angels on earth.

Your loving hand who saved Steve during his heart attack,
Your continued healing and love to nurture him and Paula while Steve heals,
Your love surrounding Warren and Gillian as they face Warren’s end of life.

The comedic antics of top-knot bouncing quail as they run from my approach,
The tight-rope walking squirrels who traverse the road by wire,
The majestic red-tailed hawks who watch for prey (or are they espying me?).

The miracle of bringing your Son to a broken world to teach us Your way,
The heart-wrenching sacrifice of His life,
The spreading of His word by Your disciples to all.

Et cetera

By now, the turkey would be congealing, the mashed potatoes cold, the fried onions on the green bean casserole getting soggy.

When I was a child, one of our dinner prayers was:
Thank You for the food we eat,
Thank You for the world so sweet,
Thank You for the birds that sing,
Thank You, God, for everything. Amen

That was a pretty good prayer that summarized things, but I have to admit it was more memorization than heartfelt.

Today, instead, my sincere prayer of Thanksgiving is often a simple:
Thank You, Lord, for all of the blessings in my life. Amen.
(But, He knows my heart for all that’s wrapped up in that simple prayer!)

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Your friend in Christ, Emily Rogers




  1. Reply
    Ronda Greer says

    ❤❤❤ Inspirational. Thank you,Emily.

  2. Reply
    Laurie says

    “Bless us every one!”

  3. Reply
    Laura Coffman to Emily says

    You said it for me, Emily. Thank you!

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