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It’s not just a job. It’s a calling.

Sadly, it’s not often that I encounter someone who can say that they truly love their job. I’d be lying if I said that I could sympathize with the countless numbers of folks that get up each morning dreading their workday for even one moment because my work is not a job, it’s a calling from God.

I am proud to say that I work with the most amazing staff at Glory Be. A staff that feels the very same call I do to share God’s love with His youngest blessings.  The staff of Glory Be are not just Caregivers for young children or even Preschool Teachers–they are remarkable professionals and they inspire young children to be remarkable. They come to work ready to encourage these children to be their best, to explore new things and to conquer old challenges.

Working with young children takes a special kind of dedication, strong devotion and loving commitment. Our teachers are tasked with helping parents mold their children during their formative years of brain development.  These early years are an essential time of intellectual, cognitive, social, physical and emotional development and they are critical in helping a child to succeed in elementary school.

A Preschool Teacher’s job is not an easy job. They invest hours of their own time into going to training classes, researching new activities, and preparing curriculum. They take time daily to get to know each individual child so they can inspire them to explore and challenge themselves during each daily activity be it small group time, art, sensory, science, small manipulatives, large motor skills, music, or outside and dramatic play time.

While a Preschool Teacher’s job often seems like a thankless one, it comes with more than it’s fair share of rewards; rewards like seeing the awestruck smile on the face of a parent when their child’s eyes light up because they have just mastered a new skill, conquered a challenge or experienced something new. The magic of that radiant smile empowers them beyond words.

Our Teachers are proud to be an integral part of “the family team” and together with their students and families they celebrate the successes and mourn the tragedies that are encountered each day. Be it the birth of a sibling or the loss of a beloved Grandparent they guide their students through it with unconditional love and abounding grace.  In some cases the only stability that a child has in their lives is the bright, shining face of their beloved teacher and our staff considers that to be one of the highest callings that they can answer.

We are blessed because our teachers possess a rare gift; A true blessing from God. They are not just preschool teachers or daycare workers. They don’t just have a job. They are Teachers of young children who make a positive difference in the lives of children and their families daily.

Please keep our staff, our families, and most of all our beloved students in your prayers. Ask God to continue to grow our hearts so that they can encompass each child who passes through our classroom doors.  Ask Him to help us to continue the great work for which He has called each of us. Pray that He would continue to bring us the children who need our special brand of love to grow and blossom.  Most of all, ask Him to help us to be an example of Christ’s love that can be seen through the eyes of his most precious gift – His youngest children.


Susie Freligh

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