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Joyful Moments

Last week I stayed home on Friday for a much needed day off. Sometimes when you are so very, very busy, your body does a fake-out on you and makes you think you’re healthy and doing just peachy. Lo and behold, I was looking forward to my day off as was my husband. We had planned to go on a little sightseeing trip to Missoula for a fun day getaway and a yummy Cracker Barrel meal. Alas, we both came down with the flu. BUMMER YES but sometimes God reveals other plans and wants us to just REST in Him. We hung around the house and talked some and napped a lot. Of course, Obie and Ramona love to play dog-tors and adore napping with “mom or dad”.

As I was feeling sorry for myself later in the afternoon, I took the dogs out to the backyard. As we lazily walked out the back porch, I noticed a movement on our back retaining wall. Then Ramona saw it and shortly thereafter Obie saw the movement of a squirrel who was inside our fence. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I watched as the chase unfolded. First the squirrel running one way and getting trapped in the corner of the fence. It quickly shifted directions before Ramona could pounce on it and ran up the stairs to the garage. Of course, Obie couldn’t run as fast so he decided to bark as encouragement to Ramona who was wild to get this creature. As the squirrel got on top of the railing and Ramona was prepared to jump, the squirrel took a wild leap of faith to land on a skinny part of the metal fence. Luckily it teetered and tottered first right then left and jumped down to the alley gravel below (on the other side of our fence). Ramona was furious! By then I was laughing so hard that I nearly had an accident. Tears were coming down my face from joyful laughter. Ken thought I was having another flu attack so ran outside to see what the commotion was. It was great medicine for the day and God’s reminder that I didn’t need to go on an adventure. I had one right in my backyard.

I appreciate the way that God gives me joyful surprises from the simplest of things. He wants us to refresh and rest. Matthew 11:28 reminds me to, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Friday was a great reminder to me to just COME TO HIM rather than seeking other forms of rest. I don’t think He purposely gave me the flu but He did want to remind me through watching my two special little dogs that life’s simple moments are the best.

God Bless,

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