“Letter To My Church Family” by Laura Coffman

To my church family;

On the first Sunday after Easter in 2000, my husband, Wayne and I walked into this church for the first time. My Father had often advised all of his children that if any of us moved, we should take our church membership along with the first load of furniture. Following his advice, we asked that our Green Valley, Arizona Presbyterian Church membership be accepted here. Soon after meeting with the Session that happened.

Not long after that, I told Pastor Mike Bullard that I wanted to be involved somehow and that in our Green Valley Church I had been in a Pastoral Care Committee where one person kept in contact with members who needed help. If they were ill on their birthdays we called them and if he thought it would be worthwhile, I’d like to do that, except that I would like to call every member of the church and with his blessing I began. Each month someone in the church office gave me a list of members and regular attenders whose records showed a birthdate. Soon I added their children over the age of 10. Some were not available but I didn’t give up easily, calling every three hours or so. We just chatted, however long they seemed to be willing.

Now I am in my 17th year. Although I might not recognize them by their faces, I can call them friends and I am truly blessed. However, after my 93rd birthday early in March, life has changed a lot for me. My family is concerned about my safety and while I am ready for death, death does not seem ready for me. About the middle of this month, my family of three children and their spouses will be here to help me make some decisions but not this one. I missed many birthdays in March and April. I hope that there is someone in our church who would like to do what I have done and be blessed as I have been blessed. If it should be you, talk about it with Pastor Craig – and me.

Laura Coffman


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    Laurie says

    Your birthday calls have been important to me, Laura, because I feel your love and your caring and I just feel so blessed by this. Thank you, and bless you, too!

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    Laura Coffman says

    What a blessing you have been to our us and our church, Laura! I have saved every card or note you have written or made. Thank you, Wayne and Laura, for choosing First Presbyterian Church. My life has been enriched by your presence in it!

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    ronda greer says

    You are one loving and amazing woman! I’m so proud to say I know you. I would be happy to have a heart half the size of yours.

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    Carolyn Keefer says

    You are such a blessing to all of us, dear Laura. Our prayers are with you and your family as you make decisions for the next chapter of your amazing ministry and life. We love you, dear Laura!

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    Lee family says

    Laura. Mike, Daniel, Joe, and I have enjoyed your calls to us on our birthdays. Thank you for years or dedicated service!

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    Bonnie Easley says

    Dear Laura – what a trooper. Over the few years I have been here, I have so enjoyed your call and missed it this last year. I thought I add offended you; and so missed the thoughtful call. Well, thank you for all the years of service, God bless you.
    Love, Bonnie

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