Life Changes

As many of you know, I will soon be heading down to Texas to pursue my Masters in Divinity at Truett Seminary. But, there is also an even greater and more exciting life change around the corner for me: marriage! This past Friday I proposed marriage to the most wonderful girl, Annika, and she said yes! The two of us met just before Freshman year of college almost five years ago and have been great friends since. I had the chance to visit her in Ireland back in February and I took the opportunity. By the end of the trip, I could feel God’s presence in our relationship so potent that it was unlike anything else. She is the greatest woman I’ve ever known: brilliant, wonderfully whimsical, passionately spiritual and God-seeking, and stunning. Shortly after I returned from Ireland, I knew I was going to marry her. Soon after this, I found out I received the scholarship to attend Truett. This posed a question: “What should we do?” The obvious answer? Start the adventure in Texas together! Immediately we started planning a wedding for this year. Since then, the jaw-dropping number of things that have fallen and continue to fall into place perfectly is nothing short of miraculous. We will be getting married this fall and moving down to Texas together this winter to start our life together. If there is something that any of you would like to do to support us as we prepare for our life together, anything from advice to gifts are immensely welcome.

My adventure here in Coeur d’Alene with you all has been amazing. There were times I felt lonely or struggled with living over here in a new place all on my own. But, in those times, so many of you found ways to make me feel at home in the fellowship of this church. You all have exemplified what it means to be the Body of Christ and it has been my pleasure to work alongside you in our mission to serve. With just two months left in my time here at 1stPres, I want to thank you all. You have all been welcoming to me and many of you have become like family.





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    Sam and Jeannie Logozzo says

    Wow! Such wonderful news! You have been a blessing to our church and we are thrilled that now YOU are being blessed with a bright future and perfect union with a woman you love. Congratulations, Josh! You are loved and you will surely be missed.

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    Bev Turner says

    Congratulations, Josh. What a beautiful, God inspired

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    Carolyn Keefer says

    Congratulations! What an exciting time for you. Enjoy this time of planning and growing together!

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    Margaret McCoy says

    So wonderful. Congrats! God has had a hand in it to be sure.

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    Jim & Wendy Taylor-Sanders says

    Sending you our best wishes. How special it is to find a perfect match. God does great work. Enjoy every day and cherish each other. We hope you will keep in touch with your Coeur d’Alene Church. We’ll miss you.
    Jim & Wendy Taylor-Sanders

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    Laurie Lyons says

    We are all so very happy for you! May your life be as blessed as you have made us feel while you are here.

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    Kathy says

    Congratulations as your move into a new chapter in your life.

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    Jackie Velez says

    We are very happy for you and your future wife. This is all very exciting for you both. We have enjoyed having you be with us at First Pres. and you will be missed. We wish you much happiness and success for your future.

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    Judith flieger says

    Josh so happy for you both. You have been a joy to serve beside in our ministry here at the church you have become like one of my own grand kids. I pray that God will continue to bless you as you move on to bigger and better life journeys. Judy

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