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Good Samaritan Rehabilitation Thrift Store

As most of you know, 1stPres owns the brick building on the corner of 5th and Lakeside Ave – often referred to as “The 501 Building.” The east end of the building houses United Way and at the west end is our new renters, the Good Samaritan Rehabilitation Thrift Store. I recently sat down and spoke with Nancy Cafferty who has been the manager since the thrift store opened, at its original location, in April of 2014.

Nancy says, at the time, she had no experience in managing a store, but she saw the need and volunteered to fill the roll – and help get the store up and running. It quickly became successful – which she attributes to the “amazing” people who worked there, God, and being able to learn from her mistakes. But it was a lot of work, so when the store burned down last August she was reluctant to try and start over in a new location. “It was total loss, we didn’t even have a coat hanger left.” explained Nancy. “Everything we have in our store now is what the community has donated in the last 60 days. It’s been amazing.” Looking around their current store, it’s easy to understand why they have been successful. The store is clean and bright, the staff are friendly, and the items are high quality and in good condition; well organized and fairly priced – everything you want from a thrift store.

And all the proceeds they raise go to a great cause. They support Good Samaritan Rehabilitation, which is a faith-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation program run by Tim Remington of the Altar Church. Currently they operate three rehabilitation facilities for men and one for women. They have one of the best success rates in the state and people come from all over America to attend the program. Income from the thrift store helps keep things running, and the cost to attend the program as low as possible.

But it’s clear that the thrift store is about much more than just supporting the rehabilitation program financially. As they advance through the program, those who are serious about starting a new life have an opportunity to volunteer or work at the store. And Nancy says they are always willing to help people who come in off the street with a need. “If we can’t meet someone’s need ourselves, through clothing, prayer or what have you, we will get them in touch with a resource that can.”

And what about the thrift store’s needs? Nancy says they are looking for donations of high quality, sellable items in good condition. “We only have a small store,” explains Nancy, “So we try and stock mostly nicer stuff.” They are a non-profit 501c3 charity, so you can get a receipt for your donated items, and they will come to you to pick-up larger items.

They are also hoping to find a warehouse facility, close by, to store items. Currently Heart of the City church is letting them use some storage space at their Kathleen location, but Nancy says they would love to have something closer to their store.

And of course, they are always looking for new shoppers!

In the spring they will be raffling off a new car – so stay tuned for news of that.

Now that they have settled in, and the store is beginning to thrive in its new location, Nancy is feeling good about putting in the effort to reopen. “We feel blessed beyond measure to be able to rent this space from 1stPres – and to be able to call ourselves friends. We are honored – we love it here!”

Good Samaritan Rehabilitation Thrift Store
501 Lakeside Ave, CDA
(208) 930-4203
Monday – Saturday
10am – 5pm

Nancy and Ken – two of the smiling faces you’re likely to see in the store.thrift-store



















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    Bev Turner says

    Fantastic. Pastor Tim does a great service
    God bless.

  2. Reply
    Lynn S says

    I love this store! Thanks Steve 😀

  3. Reply
    Mary Ann Welsh says

    Looking forward to visiting!

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