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God Within – Part 6

1. Read Exodus 31:1-5 2. We’ve been reading OT passages about God’s Holy Spirit a. The Hebrew word is Ruach, which usually is translated “wind.” i. Something hard to see or harness, but powerful and filled with potential. b. As we’ve looked at OT examples of Ruach, we’ve learned some things… i. Ruach is actually […]

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God Within – Part 5

Mother’s Day message.   1. Read 1 Samuel 16:14-16, 23 2. We learn that Saul is having a bad day. a. Moms sometimes have bad days, too. i. Here are 11 ways you can tell Mom is having a bad day. ii. Some people are beyond having a bad day. They’re having a bad life. […]

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God Within – Part 4

Scripture Text: Judges 14:5-6 1. I’ve noticed that courage, bravery and strength are talked about a lot, but used in many different ways. a. From the bravery of a soldier or courage of a cancer survivor, to describing a football receiver who’s willing to catch a ball in the middle of a field or a […]

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God Within – Part 3

  Message Series: “God Within” – The Holy Spirit Message: Part 3 Scripture Text: Psalm 51:10-12 1. Read Psalm 51:10-12 2. The Hebrew word translated ‘spirit’ throughout these three verses is actually word for “wind.” a. Two years ago I rode the Coeur d’Fondo bike ride around the lake. i. Coming up from Heyburn State […]

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God Within – Part 2

  1. Read Genesis 41:38 2. This quote is from an Old Testament story about a man named Joseph. a. He started out in life as a beloved son, but his jealous brothers kidnapped him and sold him into slavery. He was then falsely accused of attempted rape and imprisoned. i. Not a great life. […]

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God Within – Part 1

  1. Read Genesis 1:2 2. Full disclosure: in the English it’s translated Spirit but in the Hebrew the word means “wind.” a. Word ‘Ruach’ – literally ‘air you can see.’ Like how a strong breath blows out a flame, or wind moves a tree. b. I’ve seen wind growing up in Kansas, in a […]

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