Recharging Our Batteries

It seems to me that humans are like rechargeable batteries. We go through extreme times of high energy output to times when we’re feeling drained and need a recharge. Sometimes that recharge can come from unexpected places, or it can come from the ultimate battery charger.

These past few months have been times when I needed to sustain high energy. First, I attended my youngest sister’s wedding in Pennsylvania. I’ve mentioned before that relationship has its long-time stresses, so it took an extra charge to remain cheerful and upbeat throughout the week’s activities. My focus was on sharing as much love and encouragement as I could during those festivities. One of the unexpected recharges came from knowing that my sister had developed a positive relationship with the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church where she was married. It encouraged me to know that she was developing a love of Christ and that she truly wanted to be married in the church and it wasn’t just a beautiful location.

When my battery was being sapped by the stresses of driving there in pouring rain on highly congested turnpikes, I gained power through conversations with my faithful brother and his wife about their lives, children and work. Once there, when my sister had her Bridezilla moments, I smiled and tried to find ways in which I could assist and help turn her stresses around. Also, when I received no comments from her about the quilt that took me many months to make for her wedding gift, I reminded myself that I needed to focus on blessing her with more of the love with which it was made, not focus on myself. Those loving moments help recharge a waning battery.

Sometimes, my battery recharge comes from dealing with people who have difficult personalities. For example, I recently requested assistance from a store clerk who gave off such negative vibes that I took it as my personal challenge to try to turn his day around. The elderly gentleman seemed burdened, preoccupied, and uncaring about the needs of his customers. Instead of focusing on the task I needed help with, I worked to try to first gain eye contact and then carefully modulated my own tone of voice to one that reflected love and concern for him. At first, he didn’t respond positively, but I persisted and was eventually rewarded with assistance, a kind voice in reply, and, finally, a hint of a smile. While my intention was to try to turn his day around, it ended with my own battery being recharged—and hopefully, his, too.

The Bible is a kind of battery all its own. By providing guidance to face life’s issues, we can know when we’re on a good path or need to redirect ourselves. I find Sunday mornings to be a special recharging time, too, when Pastor Craig opens my eyes to deeper meaning in Biblical passages or reminds us of what God has in mind for our lives. I greatly appreciate Pastor Craig and know that he’s an important facilitator for my continued spiritual learning and growth.

My mother told my teenaged self that it’s important to surround ourselves with the kind of people we would like to become. My ChristCare group reenergizes me with their love and prayers. Even though we all have busy lives, we take time to be receptive to and supportive of one another. My small quilt group takes time to nurture each other’s spiritual and emotional lives, as well as extend our learning in our craft. My coworkers, too, are terrific people, and we pray for each other while also trying to provide the congregation with a welcoming, healthy church environment. I have found that surrounding myself with others who also love God is rejuvenating to me.

But, the ultimate battery charger for our lives is God. His love and direction lift me to a full-charge. No matter how draining a person or situation can be, I’m uplifted by knowing that God is steadfastly loving me and supporting me, helping me to live a life that shares His love with others.

If you’re feeling drained, I hope you find time to plug in to God’s love and find your own battery recharged.


Your friend in Christ,

Emily Rogers



  1. Reply
    Jeannie Logozzo says

    Great message, Emily! One we all need to be reminded of.

  2. Reply
    ronda greer says

    So well stated. Thank you, Emily, for the reminder of where our focus should be.

  3. Reply
    Karen Huber says

    What a great metaphoric comparison…. charging our batteries in so many ways! I always enjoy your notes!

  4. Reply
    Carol Landon says

    Wonderful, Emily….thank you for your inspiration! Hugs

  5. Reply
    Woody Hurst says

    Wonderful analogy, Emily. We never know how much God may touch people like your unfriendly store clerk through our caring. As you pointed out, the amazing thing is that we get a boost to our spiritual batteries when we share the “charge” with others.

  6. Reply
    Laura Coffman to Emily says

    Thank you for the god reminders for me as I find a new path in a new home.

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