Sam is Graduating

About the time you read this Paula and I should be sitting in AT&T stadium in San Francisco, listening to Nancy Pelosi speak at our son Sam’s graduation. Sam is graduation with a degree in Cinema from San Francisco State University. We are proud. Very, very.

Sam is our only child. He always wanted to make movies, even from when he was just a little boy. Before he could write he would dictate movie scripts to us, which we had to write down exactly as spoken – next to the pictures he’d drawn to illustrate the action. He was a bossy director – but that’s kind of a plus in his chosen profession.

He hasn’t had any offers to direct a movie yet, but he does have a flourishing business filming weddings and corporate events. I know I’m his dad but I think the quality of his work is really exceptional. But don’t take my word for it – check out some of his stuff!

CDA Films

His business is called CDA Films, but he’s done most of his gigs in the Bay Area – in between class work. Somehow he’s managed to juggle full time school, sports, work and a personal life. I don’t know how he does it. Some of his weddings have been pretty high-end, which I would find incredibly stressful, but he seems to take it all in stride.

He’s planning on returning home for the summer. He’ll shoot weddings here, but also fly back to the Bay – or any other destination – as needed. He does his marketing online with sites that specialize in wedding arrangements. Technology makes it so much easier and way less expensive to get good leads – and to facilitate communication between him and prospective clients. He can fish in a lot of ponds all at once and just reel in the keepers.

He loves Coeur d’Alene, but he also loves his career, so there’s always the fear that he’ll end up living far away. I guess I should be glad that there is so much amazing technology available these days for keeping in touch. But will he make the time to sit down and talk to his parents on Facetime? Only time will tell.




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    Ronda Greer says

    Such a handsome young man! And obviously quite talented & brilliant. Of course, he takes after his parents. ❤ I pray for only the best for you all. The dad of one of my classmates was a Hollywood producer & seemed to do quite well working out of CdA. He simply flew back & forth. You have every reason to be proud, Papa.

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    carolyn keefer says

    So excited for your wonderful time together at graduation! Of course, you are proud parents, as well you should be! What a talented young man Sam is (and very handsome too)! It will be wonderful to have him back in Coeur d’Alene, as well. Enjoy this wonderful time of celebration!

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    Jeannie Logozzo says

    It’s wonderful to read about Sam and his bright future! Congrats to him and his proud parents. We’ll hope he decides to stick around in CDA for a long time. Can’t wait to meet him. ❤️

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    Charles Branch says

    Congratulations to all three of you! Fortunately Spokane International Airport provides ready access to so many destinations, so it’s easy to fly practically anywhere that work may take you. (Airplanes have changed more than the Greyhound bus.) The TEDxUIdaho video is well done! (If you couldn’t tell, I am a fan of TED Talks.) What is being done today becomes history tomorrow, and I know I’ve been a participant in some of those memories for many. Sam, thank you for joining those ranks! (Helping out with setting up the Bird Aviation Museum and Invention Center on W. Cessna Avenue in Hayden, ‘north on Atlas Road, turn right not left at the Wastewater Remediation Plant to the blue hangar at the end of the street. Soft opening June 1, full opening by July 1.) 7 more school days!

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    Karen Huber says

    Handsome? Yes! Talented? Amazingly, so! Wow – but with parents like his, what else could one expect? Congratulations to your new graduate, Steve and Paula! The videos I watched were absolutely stunning. He has a bright future ahead! Great eye for detail! I wish Sam every success…………. he already has a portfolio of amazing videos!

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