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For a few days, the signs were pointing to Spring having sprung: the fruit trees and tulips in our yard were blooming, the grass needed cutting, and I was in a t-shirt working outside. Facebook was filled with pictures of people getting out in their boats for the first time (for some reason I didn’t get invited to come along!)
Then the rain and chilly temps came back this week. It can be a roller coaster ride here in North Idaho.  But honestly I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.
What do you like best about Spring in CDA?
See you Sunday!
Pastor Craig 
Current Message Series…

A “potluck” is a gathering where everyone who attends contributes a dish of food that is to be shared.  If it’s a pure potluck, there’s no advance planning – whatever people decide to bring becomes the meal (even if it’s all vegetable casseroles).
If you’ve been to more than one potluck in your life, you know there are potluck “essentials.” You can’t have a potluck without at least one plate of deviled eggs, or cole slaw, or brownies, or that crazy thing which combines jello, carrots and raisins.
Maybe you go to potluck with a favorite dish you hope will be on the table. My personal one is fried chicken – even if it was picked up at KFC by someone an hour earlier.
And there’s a certain amount of risk associated with a potluck. Did that get all the way cooked?  Did they wash their hands?  Did they have the flu?  Will there be enough for everyone?
Essentials. Favorites. Risk. Everyone coming together. Everyone bringing something.  That’s what we call Christian Worship, too. So this Sunday, we’ll take a look at potluck worship, using the Book of Hebrews as our guide.
April 10 Hebrews 1:3-6, 9:11 What/Who is Worshiped
April 17 Hebrews 4:14-16 Worship Helps
April 24 Hebrews 15:11-14, 6:1 Worship Feeds
May 1 Hebrews 12:1-2 Better Together
May 8 Hebrews 13:13 Worship Equips

Sunday’s Potluck was awesome (thanks to the planning team)! A bonus was getting my invitation to Johnny and Megan’s July wedding!!

Also on Sunday I represented you and preached at the Installation Service for the new Pastor of Community Presbyterian Church of Post Falls: Rev Doug Cartwright.  This is Doug and I with Jane Morrison who serves as lay pastor with Faith Presbyterian in Hayden.

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