The Perfect Gift

Christmas, there is so much about this time of the year I love. The Christmas story, music, Christmas Eve candlelight services, decorations, pageants, fireworks at the tree lighting ceremony, cookies, dinner with family and friends, and even ugly Christmas sweaters. Yes, I love it all…except for the commercialism. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, stores filled with Christmas decorations BEFORE Thanksgiving, huge grumpy crowds at the mall, wish lists that keep getting longer, and the expectation that we will give AND receive the perfect gift. Bah Humbug!

I have always had a hard time finding the perfect gift. It all started when my girls were as little as my Christmas budget. We couldn’t afford the exclusive or expensive items on their list, like Jordache jeans, Teddy Ruxpin, a Nintendo, cabbage patch dolls, or expensive tennis shoes. So I would scour the stores (remember this was before online shopping) for a good substitute; but I could tell by their expressions on Christmas morning that they were disappointed. It didn’t help that their closest cousins always got the best and would proudly display it at our Christmas dinner or that their friends got exactly what they wanted.

Over the years I’ve tried to make up for those lean years but no matter how hard I tried, it was never ‘perfect’; until last year. Two years ago, I watched my grandchildren tear through a pile of toys that Santa, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles had gotten them. After what seemed like hours, they were surrounded by more ‘stuff’ to go into their rooms that were already filled with ‘stuff.’ That was when I decided to stop adding to the glut of material things and to instead, give a memory. Last year I made reservations for the whole family to go to Silver Mountain Resort for a weekend of skiing and waterslides. My daughter was thrilled and even called from the resort to say how much that weekend meant to them. Finally, I got it right! Her wish list for this year…a repeat of last year. **Smile**

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11

God gave us the perfect gift – His Son. It is a gift that we can enjoy year round, not just at the holidays. We can never outgrow it or wear it out. It is always in style and appropriate. It is portable so we can take it anywhere. It is truly the best gift I have every received and the best gift I could ever give. Perfect.

Have a Blessed Christmas!



  1. Reply
    Karen Huber says

    Great message, Laura…..and one I can certainly identify with!

  2. Reply
    Marcy Clutter says

    I understand and share in the opinions and experiences you wrote about. Thank you for a great “giving” idea!

  3. Reply
    judy flieger says

    One of the things we do at Christmas is share our precious memories of family members past and present it makes for a fun day. Thanks Laura

  4. Reply
    Jack Higens says

    Laura, your message was so on target. You are my favorite and your words are so spirit inspired that I will never forget them. MERRY CHRISTMAS.


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