The Report on the Annual Report

Thanks to a lot of hard work by a lot of people, our 2015 Annual Report is out! This is a major project for us in the office. It’s a killer too because it’s squeezed in right after all the Christmas programs and activates – which is a really busy time for us – and it has to be printed and ready to go by the annual meeting at the end of January. Phew!!! I’ll be honest, the last couple of years I experienced a lot of stress about getting the thing done. But thankfully this year was different – I actually had fun with it. Fun at work. Is that allowed?

Partly that was due to me knowing better what to expect – how to go about putting it together – the mechanics of the whole thing. But I think the biggest change for me was that this year I was able to get out of the way and let the pictures and words do all the work. The record of 2016 for 1stPres was a fantastic one. As I was gathering pictures to include in the report that quickly became apparent. So many great memories for me to sort through. I realized that my job was not to create a boring stuffy “boardroom” report, but to create a tribute, a celebration of our year.

I am very happy with of how it turned out, not because of what it says about me – but because of what it says about you. I think it tells your story. It reveals something of who you are. Who you are now, and who you feel God has called you to be. It shows off your warmth, your dedication to God – and to each other – and your desire to reach out to others. It shows you working out, step-by-step, what it means to be a LOVE1st community.

Now I know this is a shy church, a congregation of introverts, so maybe this is asking too much, but I really think you should consider passing this report around. Share it with family and friends. (You can send the link to the PDF to people who are out of town, or hard to reach.) Let them look at it. Let them see what your church life is all about – why it’s so important to you. It should only take a minute of flipping through the pages for them to get a sense of the acceptance, and the love, and the caring that is shared here. This is not bragging. This is inviting them to come and experience it for themselves. And it’s not even saying they have to come to church here. It’s just a window for them to see what church life is all about. I bet you know at least one person who has never experienced what it means to have a church home and to be a part of a loving, caring church family. This is your chance, my dear shy brothers and sister, to show those you love, who are lost, what it means to walk with Jesus – without having to feel you are preaching at them!


For the PDF version of the report go to the Annual Report link on the About Us tab on the top of this page.

Lots of Love,




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    Karen Huber says

    Great Blog, Steve – as usual!

  2. Reply
    Carolyn Keefer says

    Thank you for the wonderful work done, not only on the Annual Report, but throughout the entire year! We are blessed by a truly gifted staff and church family!

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