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Time to Huddle Up!

The Leadership of 1stPres is huddling up with the Dream Team tomorrow (Saturday) from 8 – 12 in the Gym to go over new mission statements, core values and a strategic plan which will guide us for the nest 5 years.

You are more than welcome to attend, too!  We would love your input, even if you are a newcomer and not an ‘official’ leader.  But we need to hear from you TODAY if you want to attend.  Call or email the office – 208-667-8626.

The Dream Team is a group of twelve 1stPres members of all types who have been meeting together for the last 10 months, researching, reading, conducting surveys and forums, and creating a vision for 1stPres to guide us on the next phase of our journey.  They are about ready to unveil what they have discerned and want you to be a part of it!

See you Sunday!

Pastor Craig


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