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Update from Emily Branch

Dear Downtown First Presbyterian family,

I am so excited to finally write out this update and fill you in on what has been happening over the past 6 months. There are multiple aspects of life to update on- health, missions, Tacoma happenings, and my current work situation with TEAM.

As I write this I am sitting in the Houston airport on my way back to Seattle. I have just finished a week-long training for Mobilization Managers and Leadership. We spent a great deal talking about vision, learning best practices in management, and setting plans in place for how we will be leading our teams in this coming year. That being said, as of October 1st I became the Mobilization Manager over the Pacific Northwest and Southern California mobilization teams with TEAM. To put it simply, I manage the people who are in my previous position in the regions mentioned.

In other news, my health is improving! I am currently on what is called the ketogenic diet through which I have been experiencing more energy and greater focus throughout each day. Granted there are flare ups some days and I have to be extremely diligent to eat/drink and exercise according to what is “allowed” which can be difficult. However, the Lord has been teaching me about being content and rejoicing despite pain and circumstance. Keeping a “Kingdom” perspective throughout this journey is ultimately what keeps me going each day.

Speaking of perspective, I took the Perspectives course this past spring ( This course is offered in the Coeur d’Alene/Post Falls area and I recommend for all to take it. Through the course I got to hear from 15 different speakers; unite each week with over 50 people from 18 different churches; and learn about the Biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic movement of the world Christian movement. From this course there are some people who are now preparing to go overseas, others who are stepping into cross-cultural ministry in the city, and also a group that is bringing together pastors and mission-minded leaders from throughout the city to collaborate on how we can best serve our city.

All that to say, at this time I am focusing on serving my city, stewarding my role with TEAM well, allowing my body to heal, and investing in the lives around me. I am continuing relationships in Thailand and hoping to go short-term again either this summer or next. My ultimate dream is to establish sustainable short-term teams to Thailand and Haiti to serve and support mission efforts in those areas. Perhaps helping establish intern programs and coffee ministries in these places as well; but, we shall see what comes!

So, there you are. I am loving Tacoma. I find myself continually building new friends and going deeper with others; growing in new revelation of what it means to follow Jesus- which these days is often in relationship with others as we discuss the Word, live life, and process together; and enjoying my free time rock climbing and exploring the mountains.

Thank you for your support and prayer. The work I am in cannot happen without your prayers. I ask that you would pray for laborers to enter into the harvest; for Christians in our region to move forward in the call to discipleship; and for each one of us to internalize the call to serve those around us in sharing the hope and love that is found in Jesus Christ. Please let me know if you would like to be on my frequent prayer support list.

Additionally, I am looking for financial partners as I enter into this new role with TEAM. The vision here is to invite my friends and family to join in with me as I mobilize with TEAM. I have listed below my goals for partners and how much I am looking to raise.

  • 12 people to give $25/month
  • 6 people to give $50/month
  • 3 people to give $100/month
  • 31 prayer people- to cover every day of the month J

Many blessings to you all! Emily

Stay in Touch:

Email: Phone: 208-818-0419 Facebook: Instagram: em_branch27


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