Hello! – from Your Sublime Whitworth Fellows

Hello 1st Pres CDA! I am a rising senior at Whitworth University majoring in Peace Studies and minoring in environmental studies and theology. I am from Corvallis, Oregon, and as a result of growing up in Oregon’s beautiful landscape, I enjoy hiking, backpacking, and being outside with family and friends. This summer, I am working on the Big Moves project focusing on creating a network of Christians who come together to strategically address the needs of the working poor in our community, specifically by working with United Way’s ALICE project. I am passionate about how the body of Christ can unite to address issues of social injustices and to serve and love those around us as we are called to do by Jesus. I believe loving our neighbor begins by knowing them, so I am excited to build relationships with our CDA community members and especially with the people of 1st Pres CDA.

  • Adrianna


My name is Willy Sydenstricker and I am so stoked to be at 1stPres this summer! My job this summer will be to help and engage the youth and help plan various youth events as well as making some videos to keep everyone updated on the different parts of the church that are working to further Christ’s kingdom. I was raised in a Christian family, and we moved around a lot because of my father being in the military. Because of this I saw many different styles of church. However, these churches were not very similar to this one in the way it is structured and many of them did not have as strong of a community as this one seems to. I am very excited to see what it means and what it looks like for a group of people to genuinely come together with the purpose of serving people and Christ. It is going to be quite the experience getting to know all you as well as seeing the background on how this all goes together and I am going to do whatever I can to serve you in any way I can while I’m here.

  • Willy


Hello First Presbyterian! I’m from Beaverton, Oregon, which is a suburb on the west side of Portland. I am heading into my Senior year at Whitworth to finish up my degree in Computer Science and a Minor in Mathematics. I also run competitively for Whitworth on the Cross Country and Track teams, Sco Bucs! Aside from running, my hobbies include listening to music, hiking, skating, and other outdoor activities. This summer, I will be working with Steve Balas in developing a website that will help people get plugged in through volunteering. In these next couple months, my hope is to explore Coeur d’Alene and build strong relationships with the people of First Presbyterian.

  • Grant


Hello 1st Pres! I grew up in a little town called Eatonville, WA, near the base of Mt. Rainier. With no stop lights, one grocery store and 5.5 restaurants, I would not be surprised if you haven’t heard of it. I LOVED growing up in Eatonville and it instilled in me a love and joy to explore God’s creation. You can bet on me always being ready to go on a hike, play a board game, go backpacking, play any and every sport (volleyball and spike ball are two of my favorites), and eat something sweet. I am a Junior at Whitworth, pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. This has been a dream of mine since I stood up at my kindergarten graduation and said I was going to be a teacher when I grew up. I am passionate and feel joy when I am working with children and truly believe in the impact a loving adult, can be for a kid. I am thrilled to be here this summer hanging out with your kiddos, getting to know each one of you, and living and learning in Christ’s love. Thank you for already welcoming me so well!

  • Emily


Your 2017 Sublime Whitworth Fellows are (left to right) Grant, Willy, Emily, and Adrianna.


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    Carolyn Keefer says

    Welcome to all of you! What a blessing for our church family to have your talent, enthusiasm, and joyful faces among us for the summer. God bless each of you as you share the love of Christ in your own unique ways! Ron and Carolyn Keefer

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    Nancy Decker says

    My prayers will be with you as you share your joy, your enthusiasm, and God’s love with our youth and community. Nancy Decker

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