A Particularly Windy Day

Oftentimes I take walks during my lunch break. I enjoy these times for reflection, listening to uplifting or educational podcasts, and observing this gorgeous city we call home. During a walk last week, I took a detour around the Boardwalk.

It was a particularly windy day. As I walked, I noticing the waves crashing into and even up onto the dock at times. The dock was unsteady, moving back and forth with quite a bit of gusto! I got a little frightened. This walk seemed hazardous. I was afraid I could lose my footing and trip or worse yet, fall into the lake! Yet, for all the commotion going on around outside the dock, the inside area (where the boats are housed) was perfectly serene and calm.

As I walked, I realized how strong of a metaphor this really was! On the outside, we have all of these forces at work. They can seem scary, dangerous and unknown. Then we have this ground that we are walking upon. It can also seem hard, scary, haphazard and even quite uncomfortable at times! We can question, “Am I walking on the right path, should I even be here, doing this?” I assure you I was thinking these very things! Should I turn back? Was the water too rough?

Even with all the chaos and commotion going on around us, right on the other side is a calm and a peace that seems utterly impossible given the circumstances. I was trusting in the dock to guide me to safety, to somehow get me to the other side unscathed. Is this not like the trust we should be putting in the Lord?

As I walked back onto dry land, one of my favorite verses came to mind:

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Prov. 3:5-6





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    Betty Cheeley says

    Good thought!

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    Bev Turner says

    I love it!

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    Charles Branch says


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    Jody Wilson says

    I’m glad you reminded me of this!

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    Keefers says

    Great thoughts and reflection…. thank you!

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    Teel says

    WELL SAID!! That’s a beautiful verse & very comforting to be reminded to “trust”! Thanks!

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    Teel says

    WELL SAID!! That’s a beautiful verse & very comforting! Thank you for the reminder!

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