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I am enjoying Pastor Craig’s sermon series on “Potluck Worship”. As a musician, I always look at the songs selected for the worship order. I know some folks will look at the bulletin and say, “Great, we are singing one of my favorite songs.” Or, “Oh, I love the song that the choir is going to sing today.” Do you have favorite hymns or songs that resonate with you when they are sung on Sunday morning? Last Sunday, the choir sang “On Eagles Wings”. This is truly a favorite of both my Mom and me. I love the imagery of the song especially because we live in an area where the eagles come every winter. They are so majestic and graceful.

Many of the hymns and songs we sing on Sunday give me goosebumps. Often I see Pastor raise his hands to the heavens as he embraces the worship time through song. Sometimes I also feel the spirit move me to raise my hands or my head to the heavens to sing my heart out. I smile when we sing a particularly upbeat number with the Praise Band that elicits a response to clap our hands like last Sunday’s song. I often wonder what would happen if people began to dance in the aisles and leap for joy.

I love music. I enjoy listening to a variety of genres too. Songs can create so many emotional responses. I love the songs that make me want to dance around the house. Of course, my dachshunds think I am absolutely batty when I dance around the room singing like a crazy person. Have you ever cranked up the music in your car when you hear a favorite song and sing away at the top of your lungs until you notice someone in the next car looking at you (with a smile on their face of course)? I haven’t gone so far as to install a dash cam to capture a video of myself singing. It cracks me up to see some of the YouTube videos with people singing along with their favorite song. I used to sing as I drove my motorcycle listening through my helmet. My husband said he could always tell if I was listening to a favorite song because my head would be bouncing all over the place (in rhythm of course). In the Bible, David must have been quite the music lover too and musician. Psalm 30:4 tells us to, “sing to the Lord, you His Godly ones. And give thanks to His holy name.” Psalm 100:2 encourages us with, “Worship the Lord with gladness. Come before Him, singing with Joy.” I hope the next time the spirit moves you during worship service with one of the songs we sing that you will embrace the moment and express your JOY before the LORD. Sing your heart out!

God bless,

Becky Clegg



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    Karen Welts says

    I know exactly what you mean….often, during Praise Band’s second song when we are seated I am tempted to jump up and sing a particular portion of the song with arms in the air! Then I think…oops!…might make others wonder what’s up with that wack-o woman!!! I shouldn’t be concerned, of course, the Lord would know exactly what’s up….Praising the Lord through joyful music!

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    Carol Landon says

    Beautifully said, Becky! Even though, music wasn’t one of my “gifts”….I still love to praise God with singing at church or anywhere!

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    Nancy Downing says

    Becky – love your thoughts! I know music isn’t the only way to worship, but, for me, it’s the way that the spirit gets inside me. I have managed after lo these many years to sing the Lord’s Prayer without bawling. Don’t know if that is an accomplishment or not!

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